FO76 has some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the whole series

fallout 4 - FO76 has some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the whole series

I love exploring in all the Fallout games, and I actually love 76 and find it very fun and immersive. I've played 30 hours since Wastelanders came out and I'm still only on strange bedfellow, not even being done of it yet. I keep getting side tracked exploring and entering new places I find along the way which is something I always did, but since Wastelanders came out I have been doing it more and more and it's taking me forever to actually progress through the quests which is something I haven't done since New Vegas. I loved and enjoyed 4, saw and done everything I possibly could despite it feeling somewhat like a chore once the story was over. Regardless, I loved it.

With Wastelanders, a lot of life was given to the game and I'm absolutely loving it. I just enetered The Deep and holy fuck. I did not expect what was in there, to be in there. And it looked so beautiful. I won't spoil it or mention what it is, but if you haven't been to The Deep yet, please don't skip it. It's fucking awesome.


I know this game has it's share of love and hate, but I myself have loved it since the beginning and what they did with wastelanders is fantastic and I'm very grateful for it. When the game first started out, sure it was Fallout, but it also kind of wasn't. I knew it would take time, Bethesda was trying something new and I'm very glad they did, and even the things they add are awesome. I feel like this game is a very good way to invest time in the series while holding over until a new Fallout title comes out and I'm appreciative of the fact that they gave us it and continue to improve and expand on it. There are a lot of places that even without any notes or terminals, the environment and what you find and see tell a good story. I love just stumbling upon them. The new encounters are phenomenal and feel just like how they do in all the other games in the series. There's one particular one that I came across that reminded me of Andale in Fallout 3, it was pretty cool to relieve that, and to invest in brand new, well written and beautiful encounters. The amount of time and effort they spend putting thought into what most people see as minor things, they do a very good job at making all of the little things, a part of the experience when it comes to the big things.

The map is just gorgeous and the storytelling is wonderful, as always. For something Bethesda just "wanted to try" I am not disappointed. I'm happy with the game, I'm happy for them and proud of them and to be a fan of Fallout through all these years. To see them put in the efforts that they did in order to bring us Wastelanders, which was honestly far above what my expectations actually were, and to continue to try and in my opinion, succeed in building on the legacy of Fallout. For something new, and something that I was a little concerned about: I still felt welcome. Thank you.

At this rate, I MIGHT finish FO76 by the time the next one is released.

Now, it feels like Fallout.

Now, it feels like home.

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