Fo76 is 35$ already and hasn’t been out for a month

fallout 3 - Fo76 is 35$ already and hasn't been out for a month

You cant make this stuff up. 35$ on all systems. Are they hitting the panic button or what? That's 40% off, give or take, and it hasn't been out a week yet.


Maybe people are starting to clue into the fact that the game is a shill? Bethesda has gone dark and hasn't said a word other than that they're increasing the stash limit. They've made no announcement of fixing server issues or stability changes. Seems to me kinda like they don't want to over promise because they know they're not going to do much of anything.


Edit: Witness a bunch of voracious Fanboys who won't even tolerate the thought that Bethesda has done anything wrong at all. Simply amazing how some people just refuse to believe that the game is broken or that Bethesda is at fault even though they are the developers and they've literally done nothing and made no statements whatsoever about the state of the game. Some people are seriously so deluded

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