FO76 is good, but it can be GREAT!

fallout 3 - FO76 is good, but it can be GREAT!

I've been playing 76 since beta. My gf and I play the game almost daily and sessions can range from anywhere between 10min to 10hrs. In it's current state, FO76 is a good game, but it has the potential to be great. It really has improved significantly since launch. Throughout the game's life, people have noticed a multitude of things both good and bad where improvements could really bring it to the next level. I know some of this stuff is being worked on over time, and a lot of the things I will talk about are things that get posted about daily, and even more so some of these items might already be planned for the future. I just wanted to make a post to combine everything in one place and additionally give my thoughts. I don't take credit for much of this, I'm just gathering everything in one place.


76 had a rocky launch with regards to server stability. Players would DC very often and nukes would literally nuke the server. Several patches were pushed to address stability and the improvements are extremely noticeable today compared to what it used to be. Obviously DC's still happen but they are at about the same frequency as any other online game out there, so good job on that end. However, this area can still be improved and it is very important that this doesn't fall off the radar.

What can be improved:

  • Object loading is has been very slow for several patches now. Joining a server lets you watch your camp get built piece by piece and this can take several minutes the larger your camp is. This applies to other camps as well. You can fast travel to semi-loaded camps and either get stuck or have to sit outside waiting for it.

  • Attack registration. Both melee and range can often miss even at high accuracy, whether VATS or manual. I know a 95% hit chance is still RNG, but lets be honest and consider the statistical improbability of missing that first vats shot nearly every time you swap targets. It isn't talked about as much as it used to be, but hit registration for snap-shots is still a problem.

  • NPC's are also affected sometimes, both friendly and enemy. Vendor bots/machines with long loading times. Posed enemies that don't fully stabilize. You ever fast travel to the golf club and get attacked by an army of sleeping-sliding scorched? Yeah, that. If you log out at legendary vendor and log back in, the building is actually closed off until it loads and you can watch it happen.


Enemy variety itself is ok. I do wish some of the heavier units (assaultrons, missile launcher dudes, gatling, etc…) spawned more often. I think the biggest issue is with legendary spawns. With the advent of scrip, legendary hunting has become more important than before. The problem is they don't spawn often enough and definitely not in enough of a variety of places. You could cheese the golf club and server hop it to farm legendaries, or go to one of the usual popular places, or farm that one event (you know the one!), but it becomes such a tedious routine and there are so many places in the world to explore that don't fully get used.

What can be improved:

  • Set a reasonably higher spawn chance of legendaries everywhere. Sometimes you can go to a big town, mow down 30 enemies, and not see even a single 1* legendary. We need incentive to get out of whitesprings because the spawn rate of legendaries is so high there that there's no reason to go anywhere else, especially if you are scrip farming.

  • Set higher spawns at events. Event spawns are low in general. Often I just sit there and kill 3 enemies in a 5min span. I thought this might also be affected by players in the area, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

  • IFF seems to act up sometimes. Sometimes there are friendly SB's, mutants, and whatever. Whether intentional or not, if I shoot them they should get pissed off at me. I've had SB's be white-bar from 100-0. It also prevents vats.

  • More roaming enemies and enemy groups. Just out in the world, packs with a leader. Ambushes maybe?

  • Enemies don't level scale. It'd be cool if they did, within reason such as no lowbies in the area. Basically anything west of the Mire excluding Whitesprings is nothing but the lowest possible level enemies. That's like 80% of the map that poses zero threat to anyone over 50.


Events in general are fairly varied and many of them are fun to do. The problems here are more UX (user experience). Server stability also plays a role here because often times I notice progress bars struggle to keep up with actual progress. Recently added events like Encryptid, Free Range, and Paradise are pretty good in concept. Loot sharing is a huge problem here.

What can be improved:

  • Please please please implement loot sharing. Loot sharing is easily the most asked for feature as far as events go. In my opinion, this should work globally and not just in events, but at minimum we absolutely must have this for events. If you're within range, you should get loot from a kill, but not xp unless you tag or are in a team. I'm aware of the controvesy that lies here with possible abuse and leeching but lets be honest, the benefits from this FAR outweigh any negative and would greatly improve the community.

  • Show timers and progress on the map when you hover over the icon. Very often asked for. This is crucial because right now we have to hop events blindly and sometimes the event just ends before you even get to load in. I also suggest a "People at Event" or "Nearby Players" count of some sort.

  • Faster spawning events. You can legit clear the map of all events and have nothing happening for a long time.


  • I think STR, PER, AGI, and LUK are in a good place, and have good perks.

  • I have some concerns with AGI because even with ~25 and max Sneak perk, sometimes things will just flat out spot me from a mile away for no reason, even just sitting there crouched doing nothing. Escape Artist doesn't seem to work in most cases. You can see it makes you invis for 1 second and I think this was an attempted workaround to get things to lose interest, but it's still failing often.

  • END and CHA are honestly not super useful stat-wise. Perk-wise, they have decent things to pick from. END doesn't really give enough HP to be worth anything. CHA doesn't increase bartering that much and sharing perks is very, very niche, especially when everyone has every perk late game. 1-2 uranium fevers drains your cap limit regardless.

  • INT, while having great perks, is practically useless otherwise. You pretty much get 5 for gunsmith. The actual stat supposedly gives better returns on scrapping, but it kind of doesn't. It also assists with hacking which doesn't matter anyways because there's no downside to spamming terminals until you unlock it anyways.


The FO interface leaves something to be desired which is why we usually fix things with mods. Since mods are a super touchy subject in 76, there really should be some QoL changes to help us out a bit.

What can be improved:

  • Perk Card Loadouts. This has to be the most asked for thing in the entire game, even more than loot sharing. An unofficial mod exists for this but I know the community wants an official BGS version to be implemented. I'm going to parrot what gets said on the daily and say that managing perks in the late-game is so tedious that people basically stop doing things like picklocking because swapping out is annoying. Then you forget to put your combat cards back on for the next 10 hours and don't realize it. I cannot stress enough how badly we need this. For the love of all that is holy if there is one thing on this post you just have to make happen, it's this.

  • Perk level choosing. Another item mentioned by several community members. If you do it this way, you can also prevent maxed out cards from ever being chosen again at level up. This would clean things up nicely and eventually once you have all perks you can hide that option and just leave special point swap.

  • Please give an option to go straight to perk screen if you have pending level up points.

  • Numerical UI changes. Would love to be able to turn on/off number values for certain things (health, damage, durability, AP, usage of, etc…). Wishlist item really, not that important.

  • Input boxes for numbers. I forget if this was mentioned officially already, but yeah, it's super awkward and slow to use the sliders. Leave it in and just add an input box next to it.

  • Allow armor to be worn under Hazmat because not everyone wants to use PA in nuke zones. If you use hazmat right now, you pretty much have to abuse marsupial to stay alive by staying out of reach.

  • Split Armor into a new category away from Apparel. Anything with durability is armor, the rest in apparel. This should be reflected for camp vendors and robots too.

  • When viewing equipment at a workbench, show all possible mods for the item. If you can make it and have the mats, show yellow as normal. If you don't have the mats, gray it out. And if you haven't learned it, put a padlock icon on it just like unlearned camp plans.

  • In addition to being able to see all the mods, we should be able to see numerical values for what each mod does. You can see basic value changes on the item stats, sure, but there are many hidden values that you would never know about unless you research them in one of the wikis. For example, perforating magazines give 40% DR reduction, while piercing only gives 20%. You can't tell that in the current UI.


In addition to any QoL I may have mentioned earlier, I think camps need a little extra love. I can't verify what all is under development but there's a lot of issues here. Camps have a good foundation but a lot of improvements can be made to make for a more enjoyable experience.

What can be improved:

  • Add objects for your learned materials in every category. It's disappointing that you can learn plans for different materials (barn, brick, metal…etc) and not have any building objects for them besides walls. Roofs? All wood. Floors? All wood. Most other structural objects are also wood. Please add more variety for all the basic building objects.

  • Improve the actual building aspect. Placement, removal, and editing is often cumbersome because of common issues such as "part of the structure can't be accessed" or "thing already here" or "object not found" or "thing is floating whatever" and so on. These things are hugely rage-inducing. It's not so much the errors themselves as it is the fact that the UI isn't friendly enough to help you solve the issue or understand why it's happening. Sometimes though the errors happen just because. Players hate having to move their camp or delete the entire thing just to fix one problem. For example, if I try to drop a blueprint and something is considered "floating", just have it store and exclude that object automatically.

  • Blueprints should be able to hold as much budget as the camp itself. You should be able to select the entire structure and not run out of space with only half your objects selected.

  • Repair damaged but not broken objects. Also repair other peoples stuff. You can store and place it again but that's not intended and also more work than just hitting E 2 times.

  • Allow walls/floors/ceilings to be powered. I know you can power certain items inside without wires, and I know the thru-wall connector exists but it has a placement limit. I think it would be cool if we place a wall connector and power it, then you could place a connector on the other side and have it be powered, anywhere on that wall, so long as it's within the borders. Same for roofs and floors.


  • A lot of people want gift boxes. It could work similar to PA chassis where you fill a box with items and then you can just drop it for people.

Thanks for reading! I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff, feel free to add.

TL;DR: I talk about and reiterate a bunch of things for game improvement.

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