FO76 on PC is feels like a mediocre port

fallout 8 - FO76 on PC is feels like a mediocre port

Maybe it's just me, but the lack of settings is just really bizarre.

There are far too many systems designed with a controller in mind that don't really work on a KBM.

First off, the menu is way too difficult to access. I don't know if I just haven't hit the correct button, but forcing us to bring up the map, then press a button to get to the menu is just stupid. Especially with the obscene amount of keys on a keyboard. It shouldn't be an issue to have a key designated to open up the menu.

And on that front, the amount of key customization is pathetically small. There are a limited amount of tasks you can redefine keys for, and all the other tasks matched to that key change, too, which can cause unforeseen problems.

If I change my interact button to F (which i always do for any game, easier for me to reach than E is), it bugs out the build mode and I can't build anything. It says press F to build, but then F just rotates the way the mouse buttons work.

Furthermore, building is ridiculously counter intuitive, at least for me, on PC. It makes sense for the triggers to rotate pieces and for A to place them on a controller. But it makes more sense for me to hit the mouse button to place it and use things like Q and E to rotate. Of course, there's no way to adjust that manually, as everything is tied to a single key selection. I'd have to change my aim and shoot to Q and E just to be able to build in a way that makes sense. No way, man.


Also, the pitiful lack of PC customization options is sad to see. No field of view adjustment? No FPS counter?

Now, maybe these are all things that are planned for launch. I'd have preferred to have seen them here but I can understand if they didn't feel it was ready or something. Or wanted a more consistent experience for the BETA. But still, seems like it's doing more harm than good.

All in all, it's strange to see it like this, considering the performance is pretty damn good. Obviously my frames would drop a bit if I kept my visual settings and upped my FOV to the 105 I prefer, and I can't track them without a counter, but it feels decent. Probably around 60 with minimal stutters.

And the game itself is actually pretty fun, assuming you're not expecting a deep, single player RPG. It's got its own thing going on and does a pretty good job of it. I had fun in my three hours.

I just wish I could customize my experience more to make it more enjoyable. It's lacking mandatory features for a PC game in 2018, which is inexcusable if this is the way they plan to launch the game.


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