[FO76] The biggest problem with Fallout 76, from a 76 apologist.

fallout 8 - [FO76] The biggest problem with Fallout 76, from a 76 apologist.

Unlike the vast majority of the people I see on reddit, I actually was really excited for, and was enjoying 76. I pre-ordered the Tricentennial Edition, (waste of money, honestly, should have gotten the base game), and I was about 40 hours in before I just couldn't anymore. I was fine with the multiplayer, it was working out pretty well for me. I had good enough items, wasn't dying too often, was going through quests like they were nothing.


My biggest problem with Fallout 76 is all the locked items and mods. I haven't seen anybody else mention it, but it turned an otherwise fun game into utter torture. I was aware of all the neat mods and items in the game that I was dying to play with, and yet I couldn't use any of them, due to them being locked behind perks and levels. It felt like I had a Fallout game I had to grind to actually play. In Fallout NV, you had to be at a certain threshold of Gun to use a given firearm, but it always felt natural. I never found a rocket launcher too high level, and in 4, I was quick to deck out every weapon as much as I could, renaming, painting, etc. It was my favorite thing about Fallout 4, and I just can't do that now. Having to level up in order to use a 10mm pistol is fu*king ridiculous, let alone having to grind in order to unlock plans to add basic mods to it. I have all the Gunsmith perks, and yet I can't add a scope?

Sigh. I guess I'll just keep playing 4.

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