fo76 vs ESO: The difference in their success (viewpoint of a casual player)

fallout 3 - fo76 vs ESO: The difference in their success (viewpoint of a casual player)

Long post alert.

I played fo76 first in 2019. Initially, the game was really challenging. The quests were OK. (I haaaated Rose and her quests with the fire of a thousand burning suns). What kept me going was a desire to explore and a sense of adventure. There's no denying that the world in fo76 is stunning, diverse, and detailed. Felt like a badass when I took down my first scorched queen. Loved the fact that I had to capture workshops and grind for materials to make power armor or ammo. Buut once I got a good build going and got into the level 100s I got bored. Bored of grinding the same events every day. And then the question was why? For plans? That's not enough motivation. Eventually got to a point where I was getting more legendaries every day than I could turn in and most of my time was spent in inventory management to not cross the weight limit. Eventually left. Came back to play the steel dawn questline but found that I completed all the content in a few hours. Left semi-permanently.

I started playing ESO this year. And the difference in the amount of content is staggering. Fo76 feels so empty (I know this take is overdone). ESO is the opposite in that you can't take 10 steps in any direction without an NPC harassing you with a quest. But I'd take that over no NPCs any day. Overland content is fairly easy and if you are looking for a challenge you can sign up for dungeons, battleground, and trials. If you're looking for a real challenge you can try the veteran versions. The quests are interesting too, although they lack depth. Honestly, I've spent so many hours and have only completed like 5% of the content. Every year they introduce a new chapter with lots of content and new mechanics.


So what went wrong with Fo76? ESO piggybacks off of rich lore. Does Fo76 has very little lore in comparison? (Just FeV and genetic experiments). I feel like the Fallout franchise did start out much better than ESO. Even if you know about FeV, the story of Fallout 1 is very engaging and terrifying. In comparison, ES1 (Arena) has a laughably bad story.

The boss diversity is also high in ESO compared to Fallout for this reason.

And what went wrong with dungeons? I know Fo76 introduced vault dungeons at some point. But players complained about these dungeons being resource drains with terrible rewards. Is this a core reason why dungeons can never be a thing in fo76? In ESO "resources" regenerate (your skills only use up your Magicka and stamina bars) and you're not really dumping painstakingly collected resources into a dungeon. Also again, diversity. Fo76's lore only confines you to things like vault dungeons but in ESO dungeons are diverse are beautiful (Vaults of Madness FTW).

I tried getting back into fo76 this week with a new character. But it is such a drag. I don't want to do those same mind-numbing no NPC quests again. And again the question is why? What is the endgame? I do not want to do those same events the thousandth time. ESO isn't perfect (as I said before, the quests lack any sort of depth) but at least there's motivation to keep playing and improving.

What do you guys think?

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