FO76 West Virginia Real-Life Folklore With Links

fallout 76 discussion and inform - FO76 West Virginia Real-Life Folklore With Links

I put together the real-life folklore surrounding FO76 creatures and included some television episodes, books and links to help explore. Yao Guai was left out because that was a FO4 creation. This idea came to me when I was playing with another player on XBox and he had no idea about the real folklore surrounding some of these creatures. * Disclaimer – I have NO affiliation to the television, books and links *

Mothman – Red-eyed half-bird / half-man sighting between 1966-1967, leading to 1967 collapse of Silver Bridge (Point Pleasant, WV). Featured on:

‘Mountain Monsters’ S1E5 Mothman of Mason County 20 July 2013

‘In Search of Monsters’ S1E3 Mothman 17 April 2019

Movie: The Mothman Prophecies, 2002

Television: The Legend of Mothman

Television: The UnXplained: Mystery of the Mothman 2019

Documentary: The Mothman of Point Pleasant, 2016, Amazon Prime, Roku

Books: The Mothman Prophecies, 1975, John Keel

mothman - FO76 West Virginia Real-Life Folklore With Links


Flatwoods Monster (aka Green Monster, Phantom of Flatwoods, Braxton County Monster) – Legend started in 1952 after supposed UFO crash near Flatwoods / Sutton area which then was included in US Air Force Project Blue Book reports. Featured on:

‘Monster Quest’ S4E7 Lizard Monster 10 March 2010

flatwoods monster west virginia - FO76 West Virginia Real-Life Folklore With Links


Mongrel (aka Snarly Yow) – dog-bear like creature rumored to originate around Harpers Ferry and Maryland. There is a historical marker in Maryland that mentions the Snarly Yow with a warning.

Book: Haunted Houses of Harpers Ferry: Regional Ghost Stories, 1976, Stephen Brown


Sheepsquatch – Related to the ‘White Creature’, dog-like bear around Kanawha Valley, Boone and Mason areas. Featured on:

‘Mountain Monsters’ S2E6 Sheepsquatch of Boone County 9 May 2014

‘Monsters and Mysteries in America’ S1E1 Sheepsquatch, Mothman and Aliens

Grafton Monster – Tall, possibly headless or lowered sulking head, manlike beast around City of Grafton. Featured on:

‘Mountain Monsters’ S1E8 Grafton Monster of Taylor County 11 April 2014

Podcast: Unsolved Mysteries of the World The Grafton Monster 13 Jan 2019



Wendigo – Based on Native-American folklore, emancipated half demon half best, lives in dark isolated areas. Voice supposedly can mimic a human. Featured on:

‘In Search of Monsters’ S1E5 The Wendigo 1 May 2019

‘Great Ghost Tales’ S1E11 The Wendigo 14 Sep 1961


Snallygaster – Bird-reptile creature from Maryland, related to White Thing of Ragland. Featured on:

‘Mountain Monsters’ S2E10 Snallygaster of Preston County 27 June 2014

Book: Snallygaster: the Lost Legend of Frederick County, 2011, Patrick Boyton


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