FO76 – what I like, what I don’t, and why I’m taking a break

fallout 7 - FO76 - what I like, what I don't, and why I'm taking a break

Posting over here so I don't get downvoted to oblivion (hopefully).

A friend of mine on facebook saw a post I put on about the Fallout miniatures game (I was commenting about wandering about FO76 and taking lots of pictures as inspiration for terrain making), and he asked is FO76 any good.

Now that is a question that isn't exactly easy to answer, so I tried my best. So I will preface by saying I bought this about 4-5 days after release, and I did pay full price for it (£60 digital download on PS4). Yes I am a bit miffed its pretty much half that now, but between me and my wife playing we've wracked up over 100 hours, so I would call that 'getting my moneys worth'.

the good – it great environments and environmental storytelling, (including some real dark ‘the road’ stuff going on), the survival lite elements are fun, interesting enemy mix and good crafting.

the bad – the server instability is really bad, buggy enemy AI, and although it has some of the more crazy side of previous fallouts in it, the lack of choices, npcs and interactions is poor. I haven’t touched co op or pvp, and although the stories are interesting, there is a lot of shoehorning/retconing going on.


I thought that was a fair assessment. Now I have overall enjoyed the game but im putting it down, as its obvious the game aint done. I was playing yesterday morning on PS4 and it crashed 3 times, the first was just after I captured a workshop, the second was in the middle of the grafton day parade, and the third was when I was in the middle of the quest where you got to check a water/air/soil sampler.

With 'daily' quests not really being daily, they are more like 'per session' so coupled with the server instability I now don't see the point in doing them.

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So I will probably go back to this once its been patched, but right now I am going to stick to my tabletop games to get my post apoc fix. (although I do have wasteland 2 somewhere)

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