For anybody that’s blaming YouTubers and Gaming Sites for Fallout 76

fallout 6 - For anybody that's blaming YouTubers and Gaming Sites for Fallout 76

I have been seeing a lot of people blaming YouTubers such as TheQuartering, ReviewTechUSA, Yongyea and more along with Gaming Sites such as Kotaku because they didn't like Fallout 76. Now I wanna tell everyone that blaming them for not liking the game is childish.

In my opinion, you should be blaming Bethesda themselves instead of putting the blame on Yongyea and many others who had express their opinions on Fallout 76. First, it was released in a really buggy state. Bethesda should've delay the game so they can fix all the bugs and glitches. Second, when people are trying to get refunds, they flat out refused for some because they already downloaded it. Third, they rip people off with the canvas bag and said it was too expensive. And there are tons of mistakes Bethesda made.


You're defending a company that have been making these mistakes time and time again. Please understand that that's not their fault. The fault is on the publisher and the company. They're the ones who made the games not Yongyea. Not TheQuartering, Not even ReviewTechUSA. All they do is give us information about any gaming news. That also includes all Gaming Sites. They report the gaming news not make the games. So please understand that you should be putting the blame on Bethesda rather then blaming on everyone else because they said negative things about Fallout 76.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion. You can't force them to like a game that has been so buggy and so many glitches. If you like Fallout 76, good for you. That's great that you're liking the game. But don't blame on YouTubers and Gaming Sites for their own opinion. They just report the news. They're not making any games they just report gaming news and that's it. This is my honest opinion about the whole situation with people defending Bethesda and blaming on YouTubers and Gaming Sites. I'm just saying.

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