For those trying to farm the Hunter’s Long Coat or other rare outfits.

fallout 3 - For those trying to farm the Hunter's Long Coat or other rare outfits.

The Hunters Long Coat : https://i.imgur.com/NLDwphG.png | https://i.imgur.com/Upl7C19.png

How to get the outfit. first you will need around 880 caps or more, i would say get 1k just to be safe here!

The Hunter's Long Coat is an outfit sold only by the Roaming Responder Vendor Bot, seen here: https://i.imgur.com/6lIEUpT.png You can identify this unique bot by the company it keeps, two eyebot's and a brahmin. This Responder bot is 1 of 10 different random encounters outside the Charleston Station. In order to "farm" it you need to fast travel to the Charleston station and run across the closest red bridge to the south until you reach the end https://i.imgur.com/5UL9urE.png | https://i.imgur.com/c7lTXP1.png Once you reach the other side you then need to do a u turn and pay attention to the shack building which should now be on your right side! behind that shack is where the events spawn. https://i.imgur.com/xfFswcL.png

If the vendor bot doesn't spawn and instead you get something else like, super mutants, mole rats, responder eyebot's ect. Then you can server hop by going to your map, pressing c to bring up social and then click on your name to leave world https://i.imgur.com/eAXOnV8.png Once you return to the main menu press play to load into another server and repeat the aforementioned process with the bridge until the vendor bot spawns! Be aware this could take a lot of attempts. I should also mention that if another player or his C.A.M.P is in this area it will prevent the event from spawning, so if you see the area being occupied by any of those two things, just go ahead and server hop again.


Now here's another problem, the outfit you may want like the "Hunter's long coat" doesn't always appear in his inventory, however if you have friends online you can have them come to you and trade with the vendor bot as-well. It will show different items to sell for each person so the chances of getting the outfit you desire is higher.

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If no one see's what they like you can tell one person to remain with the vendor bot so it doesn't despawn while the other quits to the main menu and then rejoins the server. Once they do the vendor bot will then show completely different items for sale to that person. Then when that person returns the other player who stayed with the bot originally can then rejoin while the returning person then stays with the bot to insure it doesn't despawn. You can do this back and forth for a long time if done right. https://i.imgur.com/LQMeWR9.png

Be warned the bot may randomly die if it is kept idle for too long or if the same person stays around it for too long, so make sure it keeps moving around now and again and try purchasing and selling something to it.

Hope this helps.

Shout out to Plutus413 for helping me get my coat and for also confirming this works.


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