Fortune Teller Machines should work.

fallout 3 - Fortune Teller Machines should work.

I see them around the map every so often. They look to be in pretty good condition, considering they're 25+ years old and survived a nuclear holocaust. They appear functional but don't seem to do anything.

It would be kind of interesting if they actually worked. You could hit use on them and they would give you a prediction of your future.

To keep the coding and work simple for the dev's, they don't need to animate, but maybe have some flashing lights or something once activated.

To make it fun, the predictions would be based on your level or based on some of your in game stats (which are already listed in your pipboy anyways)…. But the predictions are more in line with the Insult Bot, where the predictions would be funny or perhaps even mock you and it'd all relate to what's currently going on in the world of Fallout 76, as opposed to pre world stuff.

And once in a while, there would be a small % chance where the fortune teller would provide some very insightful tip about the game or a part of the map that isn't common knowledge. (maybe even mark some mini quest on your map for some rare loot, I dunno)

Now, to prevent someone spamming these things until you heard everything within a day and then get bored, you actually need to pay the machine to activate it. But rather than caps, you need to use the tokens lying around the map, giving them a bit more purpose. Cap it at maybe 5 predictions a day.


This would also open up tokens maybe becoming a valued item sold in players vendors for those who can't get enough of the dialogue and witty mockery.

And it'd be something easy to keep fresh if the dev's add in a few new dialogues every month or so to add to the mix.

Lastly, why not have one more added bonus where if you spend 100 tokens on the machines, they dispense a unique / exclusive item. Every 100 tokens drops another exclusive item which are all only obtainable through these machines.

Maybe the first item is a crystal ball for your camp. The next unlock could be a fortune Teller outfit. Third unlock could be a fortune Teller machine for your camp. Fourth and maybe the last unlock could be a legendary weapon, but I'm not sure what would be a good weapon that'd relate or would be useful for most builds.

This idea obviously wouldn't add much to the overall story or quests, but I think, while simple in concept, it'd certainly open up a lot more stuff for players to do, trade and work for while they do other things.

By all means, please share your thoughts or any other suggestions to improve this.

Update OK, had a brain fart. The 5th token of the day gives you the mini quest to find something interesting. Find five tokens, get four fortunes and one mini quest.

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