Found an infinite caps/steel exploit

fallout 8 - Found an infinite caps/steel exploit
  1. Have the perk "Scrapper" that gives you more resorces back for scrapping (I believe it was unlocked at level 12? I also have maybe 3 INT so it's not my amount that's doing it.)

  2. Get a lot of steel scrap (Or any amount really. The more the easier it is to do.)

  3. Make as many throwing knives as you can.

  4. Scrap the throwing knives for 4 steel each.

  5. Math: It costs 14 steel to make the knives. But you get 4×5 back which is 20.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4. I was able to sell the knives for 2c each.


In doing this I've discovered a couple things. All the vendor bots of a specific faction share caps. So once I bought out one guy the other 2 I checked had zero caps but different items for sale. This was between 3 different "Responder" bots. When I came across a "Raider" bot he had a different cap amount. The other thing is that it seems that when you buy something from a bot it only adds about half the caps you spent into your inventory. So I spent 200 on a plan, and 100 went into it's inventory. Both of these combined made my profits rather small but I was able to get a nice little stock and some things I wanted to buy.

Probably best way they could fix this is reduce the amount of steel you get down to 2 that way you go negative on steel.


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