Fresh LVL 50 having some questions on builds.

fallout 7 - Fresh LVL 50 having some questions on builds.

Hello fellow vault dwellers,

i did it! I hit 50 on my first character last night. Especially since the last levels some questions came up and the community here seems really nice and helpful! I had tons of fun leveling up and maybe will do a post with my thougts on the game so far as a new player perspective.

(TL;DR) Currently i leveled up as a sneaky sniper mostly using hunting rifle and a lever action i found. Build is not optimized since its my first playthrough and i didnt watch guides upfront. I am unsure what build to go for now since a respec seems quite difficult in this game. Also leveling wrong legendary perks seems punishing. Options im thinking about is staying rifles or going heavy weapons maybe.

One thing ahead maybe: Playing mostly solo atm but i think of looking for teammates.

Before anyone hits me with "google this": As said im looking for some tips for builds since information online is….conflicting. Almost all builds i find have comments being outdate or straight up bad (especially when it comes to Full Health builds versus the bloodied ones). Also looking for the same "archetype" (eg. Heavy Gunner) i come across very different variants in terms of special and perk point allocation. And lastly many builds incorporate (what seems to me ) highly modified endgame armor and its difficult to judge if the build would work without. I currently have all the single shot rifle damage perk cards and most sneak cards but miss some of the good utility perks in Intelligence and Luck. Currently im thinking about two options and have some questions on them. One general question is how fast i can acquire levels after 50 with my general rifle sneak build to use them as a respec option. I still have many quests left to do so there is also XP to get there.
1. Staying Rifles:

  • Is this a viable option? (I got gifted a Legendary Fixer (lvl 50) by a high lvl guy so i can use that to start from 50 with my rifle perks!) I sometimes saw people saying rifles are bad and going commando would be better.
  1. Going for a Heavy Weapon Build:
  • Heavy weapons are the big and shiny boom boom guns and the builds seems to work with Power Armor which is fancy. My question here is how viable this build for a new player wihtout many plans an ressoruces. In terms of available Ammo and Fusion Cores especially. I read a lot about the Final Word as a relatively easy to get Heavy Gun and i think i can craft Level 45 excavator armor at this point. Would need to switch some points around and get more new perk cards compared to option 1. But im mainly worrying about ammo and fusion core supply here since i struggled with ammo during leveling.

I know i would have fun with either build i just feel a bit lost in all the options right now. Thank you sincerely for reading this far and thank you in advance for your comment. I will try to reply to everyone!

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