Friendly Tip for New Players and your S.P.E.C.I.A.L

fallout 3 - Friendly Tip for New Players and your S.P.E.C.I.A.L

So as a friendly reminder to you veterans, but a great tip to you newer players. Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats not only correlate with what cards you can equip, but much much more.

Strength level affects your carry weight and how much melee damage you do to enemies.

Perception affects your VATS hit chances and the ability to detect stealth movements.

Endurance affects the actual amount of health you have and how many Action Point (AP) you go through while sprinting, as well as your disease resistance (the higher the greater resistance)

Charisma affects what level star cards you can share on a team. 9 charisma basically means you can share a three star card with your team. It also has an effect on how good your reward is in a group mission and it has a passive effect on your selling and buying power with vendors (NPC).

Intelligence affects your ability to hack terminals meaning higher intel, less words you get on screen. It also affects the durability of items you craft in a workbench, meaning the higher it is, the greater durability and the less often you have to fix it. It also affects your base scrapping yield, at level 15 intelligence you get 66% scrap ratio per item, chems and the scrapper perk can yield more scrap if combined. EDIT since I forgot, INT gives you XP boost.

Agility affects the actual amount of Action Points you have, not how fast the bar drops. It also affects your ability to sneak, meaning the higher your Agility, the greater the chance you won't be detected by enemies.


Luck affects the recharge rate of your critical hits in VATS. It also has an impact on the actual condition of items that you pick up off of enemies and the items you get through quest and event rewards. Greater the luck, the better the durability/shape your items are when you get them.

Not a fan of chems? Think twice. Using something like X-Cell and Berry Mentats when crafting your set of amor or a weapon will mean it has improved durability, thus breaking less quickly and you can save on your junk more often. I'd also recommend doing that with the public building team when crafting as well as scrapping if you are going on a hunt for junk. Remember the higher INT you have, the greater your crafted items will be and the greater scrap yield you will receive.

Strength tip is if you are melee, have 15 strength, you will simply hit harder and carry more on you if you aren't a melee user.

Never skimp out on Endurance or Agility, there are some great perks in there like Adrenaline, White Knight, Life Giver, Fireproof, etc. If you aren't sure how to assign your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats, check out https://nukesdragons.com/fallout76/perks as it will give you a full list of all perks in the game and help you figure out what level you need to be at to achieve it all. It also has a detailed selection of weapons and armor you can equip to give you an end stat on your resistances. It's a very effective website and I recommend it to everyone who doesn't yet know how they want to set up their build.

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