Frustration abounds with honest players as they continue to feel alienated by Bethesda attempting to balance Fallout 76 around people who exploited glitches and duped.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Frustration abounds with honest players as they continue to feel alienated by Bethesda attempting to balance Fallout 76 around people who exploited glitches and duped.

As some of you are aware there was a new patch for Fallout 76 recently bringing the Brotherhood of Steel to Appalachia and the game. I'm not here to talk about the quest being disappointing, or the overpriced $30 for 6 items cosmetics bundle dumbasses like me will end up paying for anyway. I'm here to talk about how Bethesda revolving the game around dupers is hurting the playerbase.

In this patch they added 3 new weapons, a Crusader Pistol, a Plasma Cutter, and Hellstorm Missile Launcher that allow elemental effects, and a new set of armor, Brotherhood Recon Armor. These items only come from plans doing 'Daily Ops', the plans once learned will not drop again, and the armor and weapons are not droppable once obtained even for someone with the plans. You are not able to trade them, and unlike previous untradeable items they are not able to be crafted. The missile launcher and the pistols are neat but both explosives and pistols are under developed weapons comparatively. Pistols only have 2/3 of the perk cards the other guns do and most bosses have explosive resistances. They are neat, but there are stronger guns and they don't fit most builds. The plasma cutter might be a very good melee weapon I don't know.

The new untradable and uncraftable nature of the new weapons and armor makes them essentially worthless because as it is it's already hard enough to find a set of armor with the specific rolls you'd want and there is a strong difference between legendary affixes on weapons and armor to the point where some are just flat out better than others. At the point where you are grinding for the pieces of this armor and these weapons, you should already have some sort of end game build either in mind or developed.

This game is 2 years old, there has been a lot of time for players to put effort in to characters, and make multiple characters. If someone wants to use a plasma cutter they most likely use a very specific legendary roll to make it worthwhile over their other roll. For armor it's possible that your first and third star are extremely relevant to your build. I would say that more players build their armor on the legendary prefixes than base it on the specific armor type, so having a new armor type that you can never trade between characters or give to a friend is kind of awful, especially when you can't even craft it. And if you DO have a character that CAN use the armor you find, but it isn't the character you found it on? It doesn't matter, you can't drop it or trade it.

The fact of the matter is, this is a move done to try and hurt people who duped, except for the fact that it doesn't. The new weapons aren't more powerful than legacies. Hell, the Gauss Shotgun might be disgusting but it's not significantly better than an explosive combat shotgun in the end game, they're both one shotting things if they're bloody, and you can still get a BE Combat shotgun, but neither of them are as good as a BE gattling plasma I'm sure. I don't have a BE gatling plasma, I couldn't tell you, but my BE laser rifle pretty much one shots everything, where as none of my other rifles do. If they make a rifle that's new then I still probably wouldn't be grinding for it.

People were able to dupe legendary cores and many did, and so they made it so the new armor can't be crafted with legendary cores. This doesn't hurt the dupers terribly it just puts them in the same boat as everyone else when it comes to getting these objects, probably quite higher still because they're already starting from an advantage. This issue, however, hurts everyone as a whole because there is no reliable way to get the new armor over a trapper's left arm–it's just another piece that could potentially have the rolls you want, but only if it drops for you.


I don't think it's fair that we as a community should be punished because some people took advantage of glitches in their software. I might not be asking where the armor and weapons I got in trade or venders came from, but in all honesty without trading I wouldn't have any of the gear I'm using. I've had great gear drop but nothing for any of the builds I use, but other people have found great use for things I don't want.

If I get a piece of scout armor that's useless to me I can find someone who wants it who may have what I want, it might not have as high of stats, but things like Weapon Weight Reduction, Junk Weight Reduction, Bolstering, Unyielding, Cavalier, Vanguard, Sentinel, AP Refresh, are so much more important for the actual use of the armor it's not important. It's all fine and well to make armor that's strictly better than old armor, this is how MMOs stay relevant, except that in the very end the highest tiers of armor are not so extremely better than each other that it invalidates the legendary effects of armor, meaning people's upgrades for armor must also generally work within their build.

As it stands, Bethesda punishing everyone instead of the people who exploit the system is the main reason for the burnout people are feeling. I'm telling you right now they aren't upset about a grind to get a plan, they're upset about a grind to get a plan so that they can then grind to get the armor that's already the same as what they have but slightly better, and even if they find something AMAZING they can't use, it'll be worthless anyway.

This kind of armor and weapon balancing honestly removes a major sense of community for the game, because if you only want weapons that are learned from these plans, you are not able to interact with others to find it, and you're literally not able to share anyway, all because other people exploited something that most of us never did. I never did, but almost all my gear came from trades and vendors, and when I hear other people who played more than me, who never exploited, never cheated, who were excited to try out the new content and find the new weapons get extremely burnt out over this I can understand and relate to why that is.

They already played hundreds of hours without getting stronger, playing backwards Daily Ops content that flat out invalidates multiple play styles every day but forces you to do it like: 'Things that only die to melee damage, you have 1 strength' or, 'Things that slow you when you shoot but you're a melee character' or, 'Anything stealth' are just horrible gameplay experiences and flat out unfun especially considering the timed nature of it. And yeah, it's supposed to be team content, except that there's not a lot of reason to diversify builds to work in a team or even to be able to prepare for every daily op, yet you are expected to do it daily.

Putting the grind behind this kind of random and sometimes completely impossibly frustrating experience for players for players to get the miniscule chance at getting a plan that allows them to start a grind full of content they've already done to get a piece of gear with the same stats as one they bought from another player a year and a half ago just because other people exploited a system that was designed poorly doesn't really seem worth it, and that's why people are mad.

And before you say I'm mad about it, I'm not. None of this gear is relevant to my two characters I play, a stealth sniper and a BE shotgunner. As far as I'm concerned the game's the same as it was before this shit was added except now there are Emmet Mountain Disposal Signs, I think they're cool.

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