Fu*k Preston Garvey

fallout 3 - Fu*k Preston Garvey

I’m on my second playthrough and I can’t believe I never realised just how much of an entitled twat he is??? I saw the exact moment the war began and believed my family and I would be safe in the vault. Then I witnessed the death of my husband and the abduction of my newborn child while I was stuck in a cryogenic pod, completely helpless. I awake to find the frozen body of my husband and everyone else, punch a bunch of mutated massive flying roaches, then emerge from the vault to see that the picturesque neighbourhood I lived in is now completely barren, my home completely destroyed. I come across my depressed ass robot servant who tells me that I’ve been frozen for 200 years, and that we’re now living in a post-apocalyptic world. I‘m now determined to find my son who’s probably scared shitless, and I’m forced to murder people who’re shooting bullets my way for the mere purpose of looting my corpse. I’ve experienced a massive amount of trauma and I’m a stressed parent trying to find my child and my husband’s murderer.


And after all that, Preston, a complete stranger, deadass DEMANDS that I risk my life (and possibly die, leaving my son all alone) for him and his group of jokers AND build them a settlement, as they sit around complaining to me as if im their real estate agent.

When I said I wouldn’t help he tried to make me feel guilty like “oh so ur just gonna leave those innocent people to DIE???!!!! hope u can live with urself after this” ya im gonna take that power armour & minigun & renovate my old home in sanctuary hills lmao,, good luck with making it out of concord,, peace and love to u

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