Fun Survival Mode Story

fallout 3 - Fun Survival Mode Story

So this morning I tried out the new survival mode and had a lot of fun. I didn't go out and hunt players, but when I reached 1st on the leaderboard for longest life, people started gunning for me. As I was heading to a pick up a supply drop a level 12 player (I was level 18 at the time) was running at me with his fire axe, and I promptly put him down, and moved on. But when I reached the supply drop there he was, up on a hill laying down suppressive fire on me with a Sniper Rifle while I was fighting Scorched and lockpicking the Supply drop. We had an Sniper battle for about 10 minutes, ending with him retreating when he got close to death. So I head off, thinking he'd be gone for good, but to my surprise this guy follows me half way across the Ash Heap, firing at me the whole way (and missing) until I get tired of running and set up shop in this bunker I found that had a tinkerer's workbench. So I craft myself some more Shotgun shells as I was running low and waited by the door. The guy was smart so rather than just running in, he just opens the door runs, and tosses grenades in after 1 hits me, I decide to take the offensive and run out and manage to kill him with my Pump Action shotgun. Knowing he'd be back I decided to head further south to look for a Stash Box to save my loot, just incase he manages to get the upper hand. So I find a trainstation and store my loot, only to see a level 30 is in the area on his mic. I immediately look for a place to hide since I don't know where he is. I hide in the bathroom and close the door, and have my shotgun at the ready. So I hear his footsteps outside of the door and I'm just hoping he opens the door and doesn't have power armor. Oddly enough, he doesn't check the bathroom so I'm just sitting there with my gun trained on the door for about 2 minutes and when I realize he's not going to open it, I barge out and look all around. I spot him, but not before he gets a shot off with what must've been a pretty powerful gun, but I still had some HP so I popped a Stimpak and take cover. When he doesn't continue fire, I switch to my SMG come out and just spray and pray. I almost killed him, but he got the final shot, and it was cool cuz he's role-playing a cannibal and he's all like "Say goodnight" as he executes my downed character and starts to eat my body. It was intense session and I had a lot of fun 🙂


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