Funny griefer kill

fallout 2 - Funny griefer kill

You have all seen them: groups of idiots who do nothing but run in packs with duped god weapons and cheat items, build trap camps, run up big bounties to bait people, and do everything they can to mess with anyone they can. You can't beat them unless you use cheats yourself and run in a big team. But tonight, I got one back for the little guys.

Anyone who has played since release has probably encountered the "Todds". A couple people who always have some variant of Todd Howard in their name. Some of the worst offenders. They have a number of buddies who are always with them as well, all of them always up to the same nonsense. I saw them on my server, avoided them, and dodged a couple of their cronie's pungi-board-based trap camps. You don't fight these people, because you can't without cheating.

So I had just gotten my hands on a Furious Swing Speed Switchblade. I enjoy building cool themed characters and camps. I was on my low-level (52) Pirate-themed character (I built a pirate ship on the river, and dressed in a full pirate costume.), and was at my workbench putting a serrated blade mod on my new toy. Suddenly, I start getting smacked by someone. I look up from the bench, and it's one of the idiots that were running with the "Tods". He's wearing a Sun mask, and wailing on me with a burning barbed sheepsquatch staff. He's also well over lvl. 100. I knew what was up. He was trying to bait me into attacking him. So I ignored him, and walked over to my scrap box. I calmly made sure I had deposited all my junk, so he would have nothing to take if he killed me.


I turn back around, and he seems to have thought I wasn't going to be any fun, so he was in his Pip-Boy getting ready to travel away. I whipped out my switchblade, crouched, and laid into the bastard. He was running all the proper PvP cards and probably armor as well. The first few stabs did nothing. Expected when someone is using Dodgy, Serendipity, and using good armor. Problem for him was, he couldn't get out of his menu fast enough to react, and was very Bloodied. And the Serrated switchblade does bleed damage.

A couple seconds later, after about 15 stabs (I had 15 Str., Incisor, Martial Artist, and that SS Switchblade is FAST.) he bleeds out, dies, and instantly seeks revenge.

I logged out. See ya', asshole! Smooches! You got punked by a lvl 52 dude dressed as a pirate wielding a switchblade!

Much love, ya griefing idiot!

From me and my low-level Pirate Crew!


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