Further Tales from the West Virginia Hills – “The Lost Sons of Dane Holotape”

fallout 5 - Further Tales from the West Virginia Hills - "The Lost Sons of Dane Holotape"

Gather around my friends for Further Tales from the West Virginia Hills…..

In tonight's episode, a lone hunter has stumbled upon the ruined Sons of Dane compound and found an old holotape lying on the floor of the Buck's Den Beer Hall.

We all know about the Night Stalker, but we've never heard how the Sons of Dane story ends…..until now.


"This is Dane Rogers….maybe my last will and testament here…tried to do my best. To my kin and friends, I'm sorry. You followed me, through the strikes, the war, and now this. It should have been better, it should have been different. The music, the booze, the partying….fun while it lasted.”

"Then it came…the Night Stalker….killed some of our best guys…then it killed everyone. Every night, it didn't matter. Matty, John, Sally and Tim…they all stood with me. We swore we'd hunt it down, kill it."

"Damn, I miss you guys. Now it's just me. It took Billy last night. He'd been by my side since the beginning. He vowed he'd stay until the end. We toasted last night, drank ourselves silly with Blackwater Brew and an Old Possum chaser."

"No help, no hunters…maybe there is no one left. Billy and I stood side by side. It came, like it always came…howling in the night. I swear, we shot, we emptied our shotguns and still it came. It took Billy's head, left his body. Left me alone, standing there. It just looked at me and laughed. I swear, it laughed at me."


"I buried Billy out back, with the rest. With what it left us. Sometimes the body, or just a part, or sometimes, not at all. I drink most of the day. Can't eat much, don't want to eat. Just want to kill it."

"Tonight it comes for me. I could run, but I know it would find me. It's got our taste. We've been feeding it for months. All my people, they trusted me. And I led them like a lamb to slaughter. No one came. There is no salvation. I'll stand tonight, just me."

(Distant Screams and Howls)

"Can you hear the howls? It's out there. I've got my gun…I've got my knife…and I'll be damned if I lay down and die for this freak."

"It's close now…the jukebox is playing….this used to be Sally's song. God do I miss her laugh…I can hear it now…the shuffling of feet…I can smell it. It's death…decay…and it's coming."

"To whoever finds this tape, the Sons of Dane died here. We only wanted freedom to do what we may. Oh God…it's here…it's..no, it can't be….it's smiling at me…no, I won't go down like that….GO TO HELL YOU MONSTER!!!"

(sounds of gunfire….guttural screaming….ripping of flesh and bone)



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