Future expansion that has The Master visit Appalachia

fallout 3 - Future expansion that has The Master visit Appalachia

Considering what the timeline is, it might be possible to incorporate The Master into the FO76 storyline for a brief but effective visit to Appalachia.

Could have him come to check the vats of goo at West Tek only to discover that they’re inert. But he also discovers the Scorched Plague.

Utilizing his knowledge and resources and small army brought with him from his research on the West Coast, he could set up an HQ and small labs scattered about in Appalachia with new facilities and new vats to be used to produce Super Mutants and study the hive mind of the Scorched in the hopes of incorporating that into his army of Super Mutants, with him as the Hive Mind Master.

(But he’ll eventually abandon the Scorched research due to complications with only Behemoths being susceptible to the plague and impossible to control.)

And so the burden falls on us to stop him. The main quest line would involve us shutting down one of his research facilities, studying his research in attempts to find something to use against him and to locate his hidden HQ (possibly in a vault).


We drop a nuke on his Super Mutant factory to stop production and make the vats inert. And from our research into his research we discover there are ways to ghoulify and scorch Super Mutants to make some of them weaker while also turning others against the Master and his Army.

So, maybe we get a quest to set up a beacon that lures a scorched beast to infect the Behemoths in the Master’s army. Or we learn to craft Syringers that let us ghoulify smaller mutants and scorch the Behemoths ourselves, causing them to fight against their own kind.

(I mean, the files are already in the game for Super Mutant Ghouls and Scorched. And though Behemoths are already susceptible to being scorched, I think it’s a bug… but this update could make it official.)

Anyway, once the Master is forced to retreat and abandon Appalachia, he leaves behind his Centaurs as a new creature to be encountered in the wilds and towns and cities, giving us new random encounters and horde events. (Plus we get to keep our new Syringers to use against future encounters against Behemoths and Super Mutants.)

Just a thought.

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