Future of the fallout franchise?

fallout 8 - Future of the fallout franchise?

What do you guys think the future looks like? Good? Bad?

I am bringing this up because to me, fallout 4 and 76 are not very good games, and are inferior to previous titles in a lot of ways (This is my opinion, if you disagree, that is fine. Tell me why below, as I am interested).

Fallout 4 lacks the RPG elements that made fallout new vegas so great. Pretty much nothing you do in fo4 matters or impacts the game or outcomes of the game at all. For example, in new vegas, you could side with a ton of different people, make individual decisions in their story line that impacted the game world, or you could go with yes man and do basically any outcome you want. There are countless different ending to that game, all with unique and individualized outcomes. You can kill any faction, for any reason, at any time.

For example, let’s look at the beginnings of fallout new vegas and fallout 4. In new vegas, you can choose to help the town, or join the powder gangers. You can kill anyone you want to.

In fallout 4, you’re forced to join the minutemen and be friendly to them. There is no choice. Your role is already decided from the beginning. You are a dad/mom, looking for the kid, seeking revenge, whatever. None of the things you say matter because to progress in the quest you have to say “yes, i’ll help you.” It’s stupid, honestly.


You can hardly consider fallout 4 a RPG at all (a leveling system alone does not make a game a RPG). What makes a game an RPG is the fact that you can choose your role! Do what you want! Be who you want! Fallout 4 does not allow this. You’re trapped in the role of a spouse/parent/minuteman. There is no escape from this role. The game was very streamlined and most people who think that fallout 4 was the best were too young when the others were released or simply have not played them. Fallout 4 (IMO) is not an RPG, and if it is, it’s not a good one.

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Don’t even get me started on 76. I am level 156 on that game and have played 130+ hours already. I am officially done with it. It’s just bad, it really is. It’s not an RPG either (MMOs really can’t be for the most part). The quests, story, and game world are bland. It’s just bad. The thing is already going for $30 at the store. It’s not well received by most people.

Anyway, Those are my thoughts. I feel that the new games are too dumbed down and streamlined. Please lmk what you guys think.

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