Fuzz-Fun 3 – Playermade Daily with Prizes (PC only)

fallout 6 - Fuzz-Fun 3 - Playermade Daily with Prizes (PC only)

I am trying to contribute a little "Story" of my own for other players to encounter.

I'm going with a selfmade "Daily" for the time being, and you can win prizes, ofcourse. It's received pretty well up to now. If you want to know how to participate start reading after the Part if you dont care for the story behind it.

Also I was asked to throw a picture in. So here it is, doesnt do the setup justice but hey 😀



Phil, a failed actor with a ridiculously intense passion for gameshows survived the day the bombs dropped by pure luck, as he was dumbster diving near a super-duper-mart. The lead coated inlay of the dumbster saved his live, so as he crawled out threw the fallout and saw all the distruction, he knew he had to get back to his hometown, looking for his parents. As he arrived in the town of camden and realised there wasnt much left of what he used to call home. He found an old photo of himself, his father and mother, as they where riding a rollercoaster in the nearby camden park. In tears, he decided to visit camden park for a last time, to feel close to his parents. But Camden Park was overrun by the scorched… somehow he still managed to sneak his way into a little shed, where he discovered a costume, a costume of the greatest hero he knew in his childhood: Mr.Fuzzy. He took it with him as an souvenir, so he would always remember… and as the years passed and the radiation fed on his brain, day by day he one day just knew what the world wanted him to be… a real epiphany struck his head out of nowhere! He knew that he had to become the pure personification of the things he really loved. So he got into that costume, set camp, builded a Studio and became Fuzzy_Phil: the Gameshow Host! From that day on, all he does is meant to bring joy to the people. (A fair warning, he is an failed actor for a reason, he sucks at hosting a show)


If you want to join and participate in my little Gameshow, just add Fuzzy_Phil, and / or join when you see me online! You can win a lot of prices, like Prime-Receiver, Mounted Creature and Event Plans, uncommon to rare Apparel, Weapons, Serums and other AID Items! If i am not online, send a friend request anyways but maybe send me a DM with your IGN, as the friendlist bugs on me sometimes.

The game is for one player at the time. It takes 5-10 Minutes and most importantly you have to activate Area Voice-Chat in your Options, because its crucial for the game that we can talk.

Also, if you participated and liked it, it would be greatly appreciated if you share it. I really want to bring this to life! Follow me here if you care to get more posts about upcoming different events i am currently planning. Any help and sharing is appreciated!

Last but not least if you have any questions, need help with certain (non-legendary) items, write me a DM here. I do read them and i do respond as fast as i can.

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