FYI New Players: Fighting Robots and their Weaknesses

fallout 2 - FYI New Players: Fighting Robots and their Weaknesses

So you're new to the game and struggling with robots, running low on ammo and headshots don't seem to do much damage.

Never fear, you can drop most robots in just a couple of well placed hits.

Protectron: at range, shoot both their arms. Once both arms arms are destroyed, they initiate a self destruct and blow themselves up, along with anything nearby. With a decent levelled or legendary weapon, you can usually take out each arm with one shot each. So two shots and they blow up. You get XP, possibly damage or kill nearby enemies and save your ammo.

Mr Handy/Gutsy/Whatever: you have two easy options. The first is at range, aim for the thruster. This does a lot of damage and usually stuns them for a second or two. Usually two well placed shots will destroy them. Sometimes three.

Alternatively, take out the legs. Once they lose all their legs, they initiate a self destruct. Since you will usually come across a Mr Gutsy or Handy with just one leg, this is an easy way to take them out since One or two shots to a leg breaks them. Again, saving you ammo, getting XP and causing trouble to surrounding enemies.

Assaultron: Best to make sure they don't spot you if possible. At range, concentrate fire on one leg to drop them to a crawl. At lower levels, you may have to hit the same leg 4 or 5 times. One Crit in VATS usually takes the leg out. With only one leg, they're stuck with crawling slowly, can't melee, can't turn quickly and can only resort to their eye laser attack, but since they can't move fast or turn quickly, you can just keep strafing behind them and shooting the crap out of them.


While stuck on the ground, if you also knock out their arms, this initiates self destruct.

Eyebot: no real strategy, just shoot the fk'rs. 2 hits at most usually takes them out. (Liborators are similar)

Sentry Bot: This one can be tricky. The semi easiest way to take them out is to first not be detected and let it do its normal roaming around. Make sure you have a Crit shot available in VATS and have VATS targeting the fusion cores. Even when this area isn't open up for cooldown and 95% of the time it shows a zero % chances of hitting, if you get behind them and wait a few seconds, you will see the % bounce around, sometimes even 95% hit chance for half a second. All you need is a 1% with a Crit and you will hit. Fire and you just one shot killed a Sentry Bot. Stand back until it explodes…. They always explode.

If the above option isn't working or you've been detected, start targeting the arms and shoulder weapons. Target the legs to make it hobble and slow down, but taking out the weapons will be better since it rolling around super fast won't matter if it has little to hit you with.

Robobrain: This one I'm calling out other players to offer suggestions. I've taken out both arms plenty of times but it doesn't trigger auto destruct. It just makes them run (drive) away. Once their arms are gone, they're pretty easy to take out with little risk, but they still take a few hits to drop.

Any and all other suggestions from others are certainly welcome.

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