FYI: We’ve slaughtered about a third of the world’s population since the Vault Door opened.

fallout 8 - FYI: We've slaughtered about a third of the world's population since the Vault Door opened.

Around 8 hours ago, Bethesda tweeted this; https://twitter.com/Fallout/status/1076964433476419585

For those who can't see it, it's a simple chart that shows how many Robots we've slaughtered. Currently, that sits at 452,625,232.

Which is… a lot. For comparison, according to Wikipedia, the Death Tolls of World War 2 is estimated to be around 69,000,000. We've killed 6 times as many robots. That's insane. But it doesn't stop there.

Assuming that they've been tracking this through the BETA, there have been 952 hours that elapsed between when the game launched and that tweet went out. Plus, there were 40 hours of BETA testing. In total, this means that Vault 76 has been open for 996 hours or 59,760 minutes when this tweet went out.

So, about 452,625,232/59,760 = 75,754 robots are slaughtered every minute, or about 126 a second!


Now let's get big. This is just robots. What if we add other factions as well? If the numbers are the same for Scorched, Ghouls, Mutants, and Beasts (they wont be, Beasts are likely far lower, but Ghouls and Scorched are probably much higher to even it out.) We can guess that in total we've likely killed about 2,263,126,160, or around 2.2 BILLION entities in Appalachia. That is equivalent to 35% of the world's current population. We've slaughtered 31.2 times the amount of deaths in WWII. About 37,870 things die in Appalachia every minute, or 631 every second.

The moment the Vault Doors opened, the bodies started hitting the floor. And, it seems, they didn't stop. We aren't rebuilding America, we're slaughtering everything else in it, and then some.

(Quick Tangent; I feel bad comparing this to WWII, considering it was the worst war in human history. But it's… sadly… a good metric to compare this with. If you want to know how tragic WWII actually was, I highly recommend this video. One way, I suppose, to think about this is that we've done that more than 30 times over. Which is insane.)

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TL;DR? The Vaults opened and we waged a war against everything that moved. The numbers added up fast.

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