Gathering of Tips.

fallout 4 - Gathering of Tips.

Stash / Inventory

  • There are 2 types of storage – Inventory and Personal Stash (C.A.M.P.)
    • Personal Stash – MAX Storage – 400
    • This limit is shared with any container placed in your camp. Those containers are purely cosmetic. https://redd.it/9sbcqr
  • No one can steal from your stash. But anyone can use your stash box to access their own stash
  • Stash maintenance – Break down Junk before putting in stash it will save space.
  • Scrap everything you're not using. Scraped junk and weapons take up less space in the storage. Also when you scrap weapons you can learn new mods to craft for them.
  • If your stash is full, everything broken down and bundled, and all you have is your stash box, use camp to build workbenches, other structures and gun turrets, or just sell off half the junk item you have the most of and obviously don’t need for caps.


  • Food will rot. Eat it fresh or cook it, cooked food will rot slower.
  • Rotten Food can be converted to Fertilizer in Chemistry kit.
  • Need Adhesive – Plant mutfruit Tato and corn, build water pump purifier.
  • When you place a garden it takes a while for the crops to grow. When the plants go back into your C.A.M.P inventory like when you move the timer is reset. So make sure you're going to be in a area for a long time before you place down your crops.


  • Wanted – Kill a wanted person they can come back and revenge on you. (I disagree with this ability, but its just an FYI.)
  • Lock your doors
  • Build a bed that is off of the ground. Sleeping in that bed will heal you so it saves your healing supplies.
  • Empty power armor still provides base str of 10 and decent resists. However also uses cores, so if you find one early you can strip off the armor and can still use it.
  • power armor frames can be picked up stored in you inventory.
  • bobbleheads and magazines are not permanent they only provide a short buff.
  • many if not most of the guns, recipes, armor, Recipes, and other various other items spawned in world are randomized, and will be different from what you see on various you tubes, stream, and walkthroughs. This is by design and is not a bug.


  • You need to have the 1st and 2nd floor landing built prior to placing stairs.
  • Stairs can only be built on flooring.
  • You can change to windows or doors by scrolling over to the first wall in the menu and changing it with the d pad.
  • Built turrets. Creatures can spawn on you while building.
  • Place turrets up high and try to give them the best LOS (line of sight).
  • Make little 1×1 turret towers. You can place a 1×1 pretty much anywhere in your camp. Use it to protect your main building.
  • Once you have enough turrets outside your base put some indoors . Creatures can get in your buildings.
  • Roofing and flooring are two different items. For multi-story building you must use flooring for each floor. Don't use roofing as a floor
  • It's nice to put most non ground floor walls as windows . So your second and third stories etc. It gives you access to shoot out of the building but keeps you having the high ground.
  • Make sure to build the basic resource and modification tables. You can do a lot of helpful stuff like mod and repair your weapons.

C.A.M.P. – https://redd.it/9s32qr Just some advice. – https://redd.it/9s616y

Disclaimer – I have not played yet. I was just compiling what I have found from reading other posts. I have tried to reference the source of the original information / list.


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