General Game and Character Tips to Help You In-Game

fallout 2 - General Game and Character Tips to Help You In-Game

Hey all! Kind of bored and have Fallout on the mind. Loving the B.E.T.A's that I've played so far and figured I'd share some stuff that may or may not be known.

Feel free to share your tips and experiences!

I also stream this when I can, so if interested check me out at: twitch.tv/pitifuljester I'm sure you all will be playing the beta yourselves though! 🙂

At the bottom is my build plan!

  1. It seems you can scrap junk at any workbench. Use this to lighten your load a bit!

  2. Try to find power armor ASAP! Although armor pieces may not be able to be used, pick them off and use the frame. It boosts your strength and carry weight and melee damage, but also boosts damage resistance a decent amount! Early on this could be very handy. (Got mine at train depot in U.S army train car)

  3. Sometimes you get schematics as quest ot event rewards. Give them a shot when you're able.

  4. You can make your pipboy invisible. This allows you to see, and also takes away the animation making it quicker.

  5. If you're a chem junky, you can only have one effect active at a time. Keep this in mind before juicing up.

  6. If you're not using missiles or mini nukes, store them. These are heavy and can add up quick. Can apply to other ammo types as well.

  7. Characters can have their appearances changed at any point in the game.

  8. Intelligence doesn't boost xp from all sources anymore. It increases materials returned when scrapping as well as increases item condition when crafting new gear.

  9. VATS while using melee has a lunge mechanic, allowing melee mains to close the gap on gun users.

  10. When you level up, you can put a SPECIAL point in one thing, but pick a card for another. EX: Lvling Luck, but taking PERC card.

  11. You may come across animated cards. I don't think they do anything aside from looking prettier.

  12. Scrapping unwanted or duplicate weapons will yield upgrades for that weapon you're trashing.

  13. Expired food could be used as fertilizer!

  14. If you like a mutation, you can use a Luck card, Starched Genes to keep it. I had one called Electrified with no negative effects. It gave the chance to shock melee attackers.

  15. Enemies with crowns are "bosses", not to be confused with legendary foes. They seem to hold more loot than the average mob.

  16. If you find yourself against a horde of ghouls, or perhaps in a PvP engagement, try to find a narrow corridor. Back pedaling may stroke their ego and cause them to rush while you put mines around the corner.

  17. Anti-griefing mechanics are solid. If you don't want a fight, there are many ways to avoid it. Teleport, flag non pvp, or block user.

  18. If someone attacks you without reason you take reduced damage. This gives you a TON of time to get away. The aggressor may be at a disadvantage though. If they're in your face, whip out your shotty and aim for the head. Pull out your barbed wire wrapped bat and apply your favorite Negan quote here before finishing them off in style.

  19. Murderers can be seen by red on your map. Run or fight if you're feeling lucky!

  20. You can put locks on your doors, but I dont think things can be stolen. Containers other than the stash may also apply as a stash oddly enough.

  21. Sleep to get bonuses! Just don't sleep too much or in a nasty bed. You may not like the result.

  22. It seems early on melee builds are great, especially when you have little ammo. Early weapons are cheap to repair and there are many ways you can increase melee damage compared to guns early on.

  23. Gun nuts may want to have a focus in P, A, L for VATS damage, AP, and crits.

  24. Bobbleheads and magazines are temporary. About an hour I believe.

  25. When you die, you drop a paper bag with your junk. As long as a player doesn't come across it you'll be able to pick up your loot again.

  26. Pick 2 favorite weapons. If you're in a bind, the last 2 weapons you used can be hot swapped using the Left D-Pad. I like having my barbed wire bat and rifle available most times!

Lastly here is my build idea:

S – 15 P – 8 E – 6 C – 8 I – 8 A – ? L – 4

I think I'd have one point left. May just change things up and reduce some points to even agility out maybe a little…other than that, I'm out of ideas! Thanks for taking the time to read and share!! See you all in the wasteland!

Edit: Accidentally said starched genes was intelligence! Made it Luck as it's supposed to be.


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