Get your stash in shape with the 10/100 plan!

fallout 8 - Get your stash in shape with the 10/100 plan!

WARNING: This is not about maximizing your efficiency with stash. This is about SACRIFICING efficiency in exchange for a no-thought set-it-and-forget-it solution that "just works" . If you prefer to micro your stash, this will not offer you anything. This can also help act as a starting point if you are lost, and allows you to adapt to your needs as you play more.

After having posted this in reply off and on for the past week, people have seemed to take to it in a positive way. Because of that, I wanted to go ahead and share it at the post level for anyone still struggling with stash and junk items. I used to be heavily nuanced in my stash organization, but created a ruleset for myself that has worked flawlessly through level 98 thus far to just "not have to worry about it".

What is the 10/100 plan?

The 10/100 plan has only 3 rules to remember. No fancy spreadsheets here!

  • Rule 1 : Bulk what you can (after crafting bullets if you are a shotgun user). Don't worry if you can't bulk everything.

  • Rule 2: Keep a maximum of 10 bulk per item

  • Rule 3: Keep a maximum of 100 scrap per item

Who is this for?

People that do not want to micro-manage. If you do want to micro for one reason or another, then you are not the target of this plan (but stay tuned for partner offers!)

What about rare materials, or bulking only saving weight for specific mats??


Settle down, Jimmy. The 10/100 plan has you covered. Remember, the goal is to make you NOT have to think about it. If you have rare materials and are using them, they'll never hit the 10/100 maximums defined in this plan. If they do trip up those maximums, then you aren't using them anyways and have plenty to spare! Bulking is specifically for selling/offloading extras (you can skip this if you want, but I do it). Any weight differences in bulk are handled cleanly by our limits.

Okay but what do I do with the extras?

I'm glad you asked, Jimmy. Remember rule 1? We bulked everything we could. That means our junk is packaged and primed for vendoring! There are 7 factions of vendors equaling 1400 caps per day for just dropping off the junk you didn't use! Anything left goes to friends, strangers, or the lovely paper bag of the-forever-place.

This can't be efficient…

If you micro, you'll get better mileage in min maxing your stash. You are correct. What this does, however, is allow you to just play the game without worry – offering you a craft base of mats, caps, and a stash with room to spare. QoL over maximum efficiency.

are you using the 10/100 plan?

Let me know how it's worked out for you!

Disclaimer: this post was not endorsed or partnered with bowflex, slimfast, or dietary supplements. Common side effects include: more room for other items, plenty to craft with, vomiting, spontaneous combustion, upset stomach, and envy of C'thulu. If stash size continues to shrink for more than 4 hours, please see a specialist immediately.

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