Getting real pissed when 6+ random lv100+ players cant finish Project Paradise with all 3 animals alive, so here is a guide for some of you

fallout 6 - Getting real pissed when 6+ random lv100+ players cant finish Project Paradise with all 3 animals alive, so here is a guide for some of you

So I sometimes hear that there's a lack of endgame content and that Besthesda should add new content and yadda yadda yadda. Then I see a Project Paradise on a world I joined in with 8 players in it and I think "oh this should be good, they should be doing the event well so far, I'll join them." Then i load into the event only to find that everyone there only did venison and completely neglected the other 2 habitats and I think "How the hell are you lv100~200+ and not know how to do such a simple event? The game literally guides you through the event and everything! How do you expect actually challenging endgame content when people can barely do an event with such simple mechanics!" And I know there are people who say "I just want the XP/SCORE", "it's just a game", etc. etc. There is just one problem I have with such excuses: the event is so simple there really isn't an excuse why you can't finish it with all three animals alive and have a chance for the best rewards (bear arm + both mod plans and stimpack diffuser plan ). I've done this event with 4 people and we did it with all three animals alive AND all the animals were tier 3 animals (deathclaw, megasloth and mirelurk king). So I'm gonna make a guide for all you people who don't know how to do an event that holds your hand the whole way through.


There are 3 different kinda of food to collect, venison, sludge and radkelp. Ideally I would say that there should be at least 2 people per habitat: one to collect and another to kill threats to the collector (but both can do the collecting/killing as well) the goal of everyone involved is to collect 60 of each food, this will spawn tier 3 animals which have the best chance of surviving.

VENISON: kill the radstags that spawn. Easiest one to complete mechanics-wise. Each radstag will drop 1~2 venison on its corpse, pick them up and deposit it in the receptacle in the middle of the habitat.

SLUDGE: This one requires you to run around and pick up sludge from the smoking, glowing spots. you will collect 1 sludge per pickup. HOWEVER, and this is IMPORTANT: every time you collect sludge from a pile it will spawn 2 mole rats, each of these mole rats can drop toxic sludge on their corpse when you kill them, SO KILL THEM. (also for bloodied builds: the toxic sludge gives you a small dose of rads when you pick it up from a pile, so some radaway might be needed if you are doing sludge).

RADKELP: Just run around and pick up the glowing radkelp spawns. The biggest issue for this habitat is the amount of poison/DoT enemies there are (stingwings, anglers, bloodbugs). 2 people both collecting/killing will make this go smoother but you can do this with one person collecting and another killing.



Here is the biggest issue I find people have when it comes to actually doing the event, the animals will spawn in their respective habitats BUT THEY DO NOT ALWAYS STAY THERE. If a friendly animal is attacked by a hostile animal it will run away, usually into another habitat. It does not matter the size of the hostile creature, a radroach will make that deathclaw run just as much as a yao guai would.


As I mentioned before THE ANIMALS MOVE, they might not stay in one habitat the whole time, this can be a blessing or a curse, as sometimes they move into a habitat with another animal and group already there, meaning that now there's 2 groups to defend the animals together.


The alpha can spawn in any habitat that has a friendly creature that's alive. The alpha is a Sheepsquatch if it spawns in venison, a Grafton monster if it spawns in sludge, and a fog crawler if it spawns in radkelp. THERE WILL BE OTHER HOSTILE ANIMALS THAT SPAWN IN BESIDES THE ALPHA, BUT ONLY FOR THE HABITAT THE ALPHA SPAWNED IN SO KILL THOSE BEFORE THEY KILL THE FRIENDLY ANIMAL. BE POLITE TO OTHER PLAYERS, don't just one shot the damn thing if it spawns on you, emote for other players to join you so they can do damage and get rewards for it as well. THAT SAID, if it looks like the alpha might kill the friendly animal, WASTE IT.


With the friendly fire perk (a charisma perk) you can actually heal the animals if you feel their HP might be a bit too low, which might make the difference if they survive or not.

DISCLAIMER: There are of course valid reasons why animals die even if you do everything right (this is a Bethesda game after all) I've seen animals die because every enemy in the habitat spawned around the friendly animal at once and wrecked it before we could kill them all, sometimes the animal just not spawning it and it counting as being dead, and sometimes shit happens, it's no ones fault.


I'm not going to get into the optional part about the event about shutting down ARIC-4 and such, as I feel that would just cause more confusion for clueless players. Hopefully this will make the event easier for players who had no clue what to do in the event before. The numbers I pulled for the drop rates came from the Fallout 76 Plan & Mod Database, a big thank you to those guys is deserved for the work that went into it.

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