Go get some ore in Radiation Rumble! (a guide)

fallout 2 - Go get some ore in Radiation Rumble! (a guide)

I'm making this post because I feel like many people either don't really understand how the event works, or what kind of rewards you get for different levels of completion. Hopefully this post will change that.

First I want to go over the basics: You want to keep the crew (hazmat suit dudes) alive, while at the same time going down to the four caves to collect irradiated ore, and dumping them into the deposit in the middle. There are a lot of hazmat suits around the place that will help you survive the radiation in the caves, but power armor works as well.

Most people default to staying in the middle and camping all the ghouls, never going down to get irradiated ore even once during the full 10 minutes of the event. While you should make sure the crew stays alive, there are multiple times where staying on top is the WRONG THING TO DO. I hope by reading this post, you will know why you should go get ore, and when you should do it.

Why you should go get irradiated ore:

  1. Getting more ore INCREASES THE LEVEL OF THE ENEMIES. If everyone just sits on their bum and we stay at 0/100 ore, it will be lvl 40 ghouls the whole time, not even yielding end game-viable legendary gear. If we get to higher levels of ore, floaters, snallyghasters, and even deathclaws will appear, which are great sources of high-level legendaries AS WELL AS XP.
  2. Reaching 100 ore will give a chance at the RADIOACTIVE BARREL RARE CAMP PLAN. This is something you can place at your camp, giving anyone who interacts (pressing the interact button) on it a good amount of rads, making it really good for bloodied builds. I know many of you haven't even heard of this, since you probably have never gotten rank 4 (100 or collected) in Radiation Rumble, and that's okay, since I'm here to tell you! This is why I am often so frustrated when we get extremely close to 100, but no one is moving to go get the last pieces of ore, since this plan is valued at 10k+ caps in the market, making it valuable even when you don't want it for yourself.

When you should go get irradiated ore:

  1. If there are 3 or more players on top, protecting the crew, YOU SHOULD GO DOWN TO GET ORE. You can spare around 30 seconds just to even go down to get 10 ore, even killing enemies along the way and in the caves, making up for the XP that you are losing from not camping enemy spawns
  2. If we are at 80/100 ore or higher, YOU SHOULD GO GET ORE. Each person can only get a max. of 40 ore (10 in each cave) before needing to backtrack and getting less per cave. I can't believe the amount of times when I see 6 or more high level players camping in one spot for the entirety of 10 minutes, even when a teammate and I each go and get 40 ore each, failing to reach 100 ore by the end of the event.

In conclusion, when there are quite a few high-level players in this event, keeping the crew alive is not a hard thing to do, which means that you should always try to get as much ore as possible. If everyone contributes, reaching 100 ore is a very easy task. I know that this is similar to prisoner's dilemma, where everyone wants to farm xp for as long as possible, not willing to give up even a few seconds of that time. I hope that by reading this post, that mindset will change, and players can realize that going to get ore will benefit everyone, including themselves.


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