God Damnit, I like this game. (Oldschool Fans Oppinion)

fallout 8 - God Damnit, I like this game. (Oldschool Fans Oppinion)

I really like this game.

To preface, I'm 30 and have been playing Fallout since 1998 as a kid. I just replayed 2 because it's the best game ever made. I teared up at the Fallout 3 trailer years ago.

I waited for the original Fallout Online, played the Van Buren alpha, I played Tactics and even Brotherhood of Steel.

I remember the first "Trailer" with Country Roads and being from Southwest VA aka the Appalachin Mountains I was fu*ked stoked.

Like everyone else I was crushed when it was announced to be Online. My PC sucked and I was just pissed the fu*k off. 5 stages of grief type situation. I watched all the YouTube videos, read about the game and got on the hate hype train. Choooo Choooo!

Well I bought a new laptop last week and then got an unexpected bonus…..and well, hey!, I love Fallout! It's on sale due to hype!

If I didnt have a friend who played the game it would of been a shittier experience, 100%.

Luckily my buddy teamed up with me and with shared experience and loot (LOVE this dynamic) I got up to level 4. He gave me a set of leather armor and a couple stimpacks so I wasn't gifted Power Armor or something. Just the essentials.

I hate to say it but I like the emotes, it adds an extra touch when communicating to people. I like communicating through voice and playing with other characters.

I'm about 4 hours in and theres some good variety of kills, the story missions conveniently led me directly into an event that I could barely participate in.

I do hate the Perk Card system and for technical limitations I guess they had to do that? In reality I doubt it and it's stupid but what can you do, its Fallout Lite! I'd rather drop points into AG and have higher AP than rely on stupid cards. This mechanic irks me the most.

I just set my camp down for storage, I'm not a house builder guy so I could care less. It's just a waypoint for me so I cant comment.

I hate the survival aspects of the game as it's a chore and an extra thing to have to monitor due to it actually effecting you. Which leads to cooking. Spoiled foods. It a pain in the ass. That said I could see the game getting very boring, period, but without the food mechanic for sure.

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I luckily just bought an OP laptop with 32 gigs of ram and 6 gigs video memory so the game looks good.

I hate the limiting factor of having to disassemble weapons in order to gain mods for weapons. I suppose it's better than having to randomly stumble upon a level 10 perk card that unlocks them or something but I still hate it.


That leads into caps. Theres some interpsersed throughout the game but not alot. You can buy simple things from a couple robots but it doesnt seem like its worth anything. As in you can sustain food from dropped items food wise and ammo wise.

In 4 hours I was disconnected twice and had lag from server side which I initially thought was frame skips due to my machine, then I realized the culprit. For a second I thought my mouse wasn't working and that's when it clicked. Lag. They are not an online game company though and I hope they beef up the servers on their end.

I have the benefit of just now starting out though with a 600 storage ammount, not some absurd 400. Alot of the bugs are still there unfortunately. At this moment its atleast playable to me but the Fallout series is my favorite IP. I'm a guy who is still pissed that they aren't isometric turn based games for fu*ks sake and even I can work with this. That said I'm not defending this game. It has major flaws but here's to hoping they get fixed!

I want to install mods to fix alot of shit but I'm terrified after seeing people post about getting banned for them. This truly pisses me the fu*k off. We cant even fix their shit game. What. The. Fu*k.

For those who havent bought and played it yet MAKE YOUR BETHESDA ACCOUNT NAME COOL, IT WILL BE THE NAME PEOPLE SEE IN GAME!!!!

I take it back, this is actually the worst thing about the game, I had no idea so essentially my name in game is my fu*king email! Sweet Odin's Beard I am livid over this.

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In order to fix this I have to fu*king buy another copy of the game. Motherfu*ker.

I'm not even getting into atoms because that's stupid garbage I dont care about.

I obviously hate the lack of NPCs but I'm the kind of guy who reads every terminal and not so I can look past it. If you are not this will be the most tedious part of the game. Probably mind mumbling horrible for you. I legit feel need bad for those players.

So in closing, I like the game damnit. I dare say I love it despite all those flaws. Despite it being a washed down version of the games I still love and play (F1 and F2) but that's something most of you havent experienced anyway. I will probably drop some serious time into this game. If they keep updating it and releasing cool events I'm down.

If anyone knows about changing the account name please PM me!

If anyone has questions feel free to ask. I just wanted to give an oldschool fans impression,


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