Gonna be honest, don’t think nerfing fun was the play here

fallout 2 - Gonna be honest, don’t think nerfing fun was the play here

I’m sure a lot of us here enjoy this game, but making it even harder to enjoy by some of these unlisted changes is gonna be a real quick way to lose me as a player, and I’m sure many others feel the same. Please believe me when I say I want nothing but for this game to succeed, but this patch is not how that’s going to happen. You need to fix this games frankly outrageous problems before even looking at something like tuning or reward structures.

Focus on fixing things like plasma weapons which literally do not work whatsoever, forget about damage tuning they outright do not function in the current state of the game. Don’t even get me started on the fact that bashing with a 10mm pistol does roughly the same damage as a fully kitted out laser rifle. Got a two shot harpoon gun you thought you were gonna have fun with? Just kidding, it doesn’t actually register hits, ever. Wanted a way to get cool mods for your power armor so you could work towards them rather than server hopping for 8 hours? You’re funny.

Instead we will be removing literally any incentive to capture workshops or get excited for seeing that 3 star legendary super mutant warlord – because he’s just going to drop 3 gunpowder like the rest of them. Oh and about fixing that scorchbeast loot, welcome to MTV’s pranked.

Don’t nerf fun, resource gains, spawns, or legendary drop rates. Fix your shit first.

Get it together please

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