Good deeds happen a lot out in the Wasteland apparently.

fallout 2 - Good deeds happen a lot out in the Wasteland apparently.

I’m a lowly level 11 who isn’t playing the story whatsoever. I’m mostly just here for the multiplayer survival and building your own shelter concepts (btw, is there a way to increase the build area on your C.A.M.P.? Because I’d love to make some crazy stuff but with such a small space my ideas fall flat). Today I discovered that the vendor in Harper’s Ferry was known to carry plans for walls built from brick, steel, and/or barn wood. Naturally, not knowing about the Mire, I leapt my way across the map.

The first good deed came from a level 104 by the name of Carl. Carl was kind enough to move his camp to our location, as I was halfway to Harper’s, and running low on food. Carl spent about 20 caps and didn’t even want me to pay him back. I took it as God’s daily gift and thanked him before we separated.

Then I reached Savage Divide. This place was the first to pose a challenge to me in my travels. At first I figured it was just higher level enemies but nah, here comes a big angry Deathclaw to offer me a one-way ticket straight to destination Fuck You. After about 10-15 minutes of running, along comes a female (character, at least) with no mic, who I’m going to refer to as May. Apparently, May knew there were Deathclaws here, and set her camp in the Divide because of that. Why build turrets when you can just live near Deathclaws, I guess. After using her base to fix my gear and guns, I headed off again.

Carl and Amy come into play again later, by the way.

Anyways, I pass Big Joe’s BBQ, and finally make it to the Mire. At this point I notice things are a bit more… intense on this side of the map. The first person I met gave me a Gas Mask and a disease cure to help me on my travels, though, and it definitely helped later, because soon I was at Sunday’s Cabin. By the way, whoever gave me these things, thanks a bunch. It was lit up and full of crops so I figured it was a safe space, but nope. It was infested with Scorched, one of which was a level 22 Diseased. I went through two shotguns to kill him, and somehow still managed to contract RadWorms, but again, the Disease Cure saved me here.


Finally I manage to get to Harper’s Ferry. At this point I’m considering just going home, I’m overencumbered and running low on food, but right before I do, I barely spot the vendor at the other side of town. I get so eager I almost rush straight in, but Super Mutants have infested the place, along with Scorched and Mutts. I figured I’d sneak my way around the edge of town, but before long I accidentally run into a batch of Scorched at the back of town. Naturally they’re all about level 20-ish, so I’m struggling as it is, but of course V.A.T.S. picks now to somehow miss, and I manage to blow myself up by shooting a nearby car that was behind the Scorched between it and me. At this point I figure I’m dead, but I wait out the timer for the sheer fun of it.

Low and behold, here comes a familiar face. It’s Carl and Amy.

Apparently the two were a married couple that played the game together when their kids went to bed, and when they saw my slaphappy level 11-lookin ass cross into the Mire on their maps, they knew I’d probably want help, and hauled ass over to me. So after clearing the place out for me, paying for the plans to buy barnwood walls, and sending me a friend request, they logged off.

So yeah. This game is wild as hell, and I appreciate each and every one of you.

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