Grahm is the great philosopher of our time

fallout 7 - Grahm is the great philosopher of our time

To many, Grahm's Meat-Cook is just another celebration where friends can come together and eat some delicious barbecue containing some very questionable meats. However, if you gaze below the surface, you can see that Grahm's messages are, in fact, an ocean of wisdom which we can use to improve our lives! As with all great philosophers from our past, the knowledge he bestows upon us is open to interpretation.

I would like to share with you the many life lessons that I have learned when attending the great teaching session (known as meat-cook):

"Who gonna eat da meat? Grahm! Who gonna eat da meat? Humans! Who not going eat da meat? Chally!"

Meat is delicious. However, Chally is an herbivore and so she is unable to eat meat (regardless of how tempting) because it will make her sick. Grahm, the wise, is referring to how people often chase tempting objects and goals, despite the fact that achieving those goals might make things worse for them. For example, some people might chase their 'dream job' only to realize that they hate doing that job once they finally achieve it. Grahm is reminding us that all objects and goals are not meant for everyone. It is important to understand yourself and what you truly need in your life before chasing something that can make you sick.

"No let meat sit long, stuck meat is burned meat!"

Once people figure out what they really want to get out of life, many fall into the trap of procrastination. If you let the 'meat' sit too long, it will burn. Simple words, yet so full of wisdom. Opportunities arise everyday, but they do not last forever. If you wait too long before taking advantage of them, you might end up loosing all that you were trying to build and achieve.

"Cook sometimes dangerous, make lots of fire"


Here, I believe that Grahm is warning people to expect complications and obstacles on the path to achieving their dreams. These 'fires' can result in discouragement and loss of purpose which can lead to severe depression. Grahm quickly follows this statement with a quote about 'humans putting out the fires'. He encourages us to stand up to these obstacles and overcome them in order for us to achieve our true dreams.

"What is meat-cook, without meat? Think about it"

Finally, once people start heading down the path of achieving their dreams, it is important not to get lost in the grind. I believe that this quote refers to life. Another way to put it is 'what is life without 'life'. Too often, people get so swept up in the daily grind and routine and forget how to live. We are so focused on what we need to do that hour/day/week, that we do not take the time to appreciate the people around us and all the things we take for granted. I believe that Grahm is reminding us that it is important for our fulfillment/sanity to take time for ourselves to simply 'live'. "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think…"

"Humans need to keep meat-cook clean if humans not want sick"

I believe this statement is a PSA regarding the recent coronavirus crisis. He is encouraging people to practice proper sanitation and hygiene in order to help reduce infection rates.

"Good Job, Humans!"

Thank you, Grahm for your wisdom and encouragement 🙂

Ok everyone, I have officially run out of beers. I need to go make a booze run. Hopefully I will get a legendary three star beer! Wish me luck!

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