Grahm the glorious, king of the monsters

fallout 2 - Grahm the glorious, king of the monsters

Grahm is why I bought this game during the free trail and I shall forever sing his praise lol.

So I'm like lvl 17 at the time in the middle area of the map running around somewhere I don't belong as one should do in a fallout game. I see a cave and go inside and a fucking deathclaw pops out of the ground (first one at this point). Que heart attack sledge hammer swinging stim chugging madness, but we've won this fight. I assume the horror is over and walk on down the road full of the smugs. Not 40 ft later I see my first sheepsquach, legendary lvl 50. WTF is this thing, I run away little girl scared into a bus mwahaha Bigfoot wanna be cant kill me in here suck it! I'll just dump all my ammo into this noob and… WRONG!! Now I'm stuck in this bus all my weapons either broken or out of ammo and this damn sheep is throwing spine things thru the windows things have hit a low for me here but I think I'm going to run for it. The second I'm about to exit the bus door and make my great escape a scorchbeast lands right smack in front of me ( again first time ive seen one of these) and starts going at it with this sheep demon. I've pissed myself at this point but think I might be saved, a wow mount has appeared to save me this here is a gift from rnjesus. So now I'm stuck in this bus with a way way to close seat to fallouts own Godzilla king of the monsters throw down right on top of me. I root for the green one to free me and what does it do… fly up into the air and carpet bomb all the eye can see in radiation goodness. I am completely screwed, we are now out of stims and rad away and waiting to die inside the bus I once thought a haven. Then it gets quiet and both of these evil pricks are no longer outside the bus. Curiosity wins, I must investigate. Just down the road some random. Supermutant is face tanking BOTH of these bastards and it appears he's winning. Fast forward 20 minutes after he has smashed them both he just continues down the road with his cow like nothing has happened. Upon breaking out of my stupor I run up to and see what this godsend is all about, oh he's a vendor……. omg is he a vendor look at the LOOTS. I watch him walk away halo above his head and wish nothing but the best for green Jesus.


If that's not the greatest welcoming from a game I don't know what is. From the perspective of a noob it was insane and I bought the game pretty soon after no regrets.

TLDR: Grahm is green Jesus and savior of the wasteland.

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