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Grahm’s route, now with 20% more pixels, and half the rads!

fallout 4 - Grahm's route, now with 20% more pixels, and half the rads!

For those who don't know, Grahm is the traveling super mutant merchant that roams Appalachia. He is a level 50 three star legendary, and he has really great wares (including rare blueprints) for exorbitant prices (even with 9chr and lvl3 big sale perk, he tried to sell me signage and lettering blueprint for 9.5k)

Thank you everyone for helping me compile all of the information. I am still taking accounts of his location, so that we can all enjoy the harrowing adventures of Grahm and Chally. I have removed the speculative routes, as that was most of the questions I got. And I only drew lines between two sightings of conceivable distance. For a rundown of his functions; he mostly stays on roads (though I met him in Big Bend tunnel, which is tracks), is speculated to go by every workshop, and has been known to go to a dead end location and turn around.


I will be doing one more update before launch, and then we will have to test for ourselves. If you would like to contribute please give the location and direction he was heading, or a link with a timestamp.

And without further ado, Grahm's map

Edit: thank you everybody who gave more info on the ash heap and savage divide. If anybody else needs a map, I'm working with https://www.falloutmaps.com to create the foremost authority on fallout 76. They have a discord and a whole lot of spare time before launch. So hit them up with any and all information on fallout 76.


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    Nov 15, 2020 3:23 am

    Where Can Grahm be Found?
    Overseer’s C.A.M.P. – You can find him near the river to the (South-East of Vault 76)
    New Gad – Under the lake of Summersville.  (87 due South of Summersville)
    F… Get More Grahm’s locations

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