GStaff, verified Bethesda Community Lead member, discusses the essay issue on Resetera

fallout 2 - GStaff, verified Bethesda Community Lead member, discusses the essay issue on Resetera

Guess this’ll act as an update of sorts to my last post.

Originally, I posted a Resetera thread in another post that detailed getting sent e-mails to get you unbanned from Fallout 76 for possible usage of cheats, along with a video by JuiceHead detailing false positives that may have gotten hit in the process (i.e. non-malicious mods that do not give advantages over the game and give QoL fixes).

Several other news sites picked up on this thread along with other sources at the time, and other YouTubers such as SidAlpha did some digging to find said false positives elsewhere in threads/comments on both the r/Fallout and r/fo76 and began gaining traction.

This led to complete confusion on Bethesda’s stance on modders, whether or not there were any people who were innocent getting caught in the crossfire, or why an essay was required, nor if those banned were cheaters, and why they should be allowed back in the game.

However, as of two days ago, GStaff (a verified Bethesda Community Lead member) opened up on the Resetera forum and let us know (partially) what was going on.


He states the following:

Catching up on all this.

We flag the use of 3rd party applications within Fallout 76 because we do not want players exploiting the game in ways that provide a competitive advantage or negatively impact the servers & gameplay experience of other players. If someone receives a ban for Modded content, for now they should reach out to us through help.bethesda.net and we will review the appeal. We don’t need an essay for this.


As previously noted, we will be looking to add Mod support at some point. When we have new details, we will let everyone know.

However, as several other users in the thread pointed out, and GStaff later confirmed did happen, when said modders went to Bethesda’s support website as he asked, they were still asked to be given an essay via e-mail.

He later confirms this and reaffirms the original reports covered as genuine:

No, I'd take him at his word. The essay request happened.

We've had some conversations about this today. Once we're out of the holiday season, we will talk about it more. In the meantime, if you receive a ban or suspension for 3rd party mods, please reach out to us through help.bethesda.net and we will review the appeal. Definitely no essay going forward.

Essentially repeating that they should use Bethesda’s Support System, while also discussing how we will be getting an official response soon as to what exactly happened.

And in the process did confirm that said process indeed led to false positives being directed to Support, and that internal discussion was had about this entire debacle.

Discussion further ensued in the forum, only continuing to cloud what was and wasn’t considered a cheat given some are still using CheatEngine and ReShade while not getting banned, versus those whom used something like Imperfect 21:9, which is a direct change to the .ini file.

This is to say nothing of the current unresolved item duping glitch that can completely kill servers due to server overload.

GStaff remained silent for the rest of the thread.

TL;DR: Some skepticism from the last thread was confirmed to be true; expect a more in-depth response from Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks sometime after the holiday season.

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