Guide to common CAMP building problems.

fallout 7 - Guide to common CAMP building problems.

Hi everyone, lately I've been seeing a lot of posts and comments about lots of glitches and bugs that people are encountering when trying to build their CAMP. While I'm not an expert on this, I've done lots of building and many of the common glitches I have either found a way to solve, a workaround, or at least know the conditions that cause them. I wanted to list some of the problems I see people have and the solutions I have found for them.

Some of these may be very obvious, and others you may have never even encountered, but that's ok. This is meant for both newer and older players, and as a guide incase you ever run into any of these problems and need a solution. If you have questions, comments, additional information, or alternative solutions to anything I've posted, feel free to comment it below so I can keep updating this guide. This is going to be a long post but I split it up into sections.

Floating Foundations:

– This is probably the most common I see. Usually people have one or many foundations down that they can place, but are unable to remove.

– Based on what I've seen and experimented with, it seems that this is tied into the previous update where you can have floating foundations to make bridges, floating houses, etc. as long as the first foundation is attached to the ground.

– If that initial foundation is removed, usually you can no longer remove any of the other "floating" foundations.

– This is especially a problem if you are using ramp foundations. For example, if you place down a foundation low to the ground, then place a ramp that lets you attach a new foundation piece higher (for making elevated floors and half-walls), most likely the foundation attached to the ramp is too high or low. The best way to check if the piece will glitch is to hover a foundation near the placed one and see if you can place it at that height by itself.

– It seems that once these pieces are separated from the "anchor" foundation, they can never be removed, even if you re-attach them. They can't be stored, scrapped, or moved.

Floating Structures (Walls, Roofs, Etc.):

– This occurs when you take down walls and roofs in a weird order that leaves you with wall/roof segments that are floating in the air. Most likely you are unable to remove any of the wall/roof pieces because the object is "floating" or "will make the structure inaccessible"

– The solution to this is easy. Just reconnect the floating structures using wall/roof segments until they reach a valid foundation piece. Then, remove the roof first and then the wall segments. Its best to work from the top to the bottom when remodeling and removing CAMP structures.

Cannot Place- Interacts with existing object:

– There are actually many, many different scenarios for why this is happening, so I have to break this up into smaller parts.

— Scenario 1: Was there a wall/floor/roof there before?

– Sometimes when removing or adding walls/roofs/floors, the item will suddenly vanish (you may not even realize). This can randomly happen, or when you get a sudden lag spike when adding/removing items.

– Technically, the object is still there, but it is invisible to you. This explains why at times you try to place a wall in the open when clearly nothing is in the way, yet you are "intersecting". The only way to resolve this is to relog the server.

— Scenario 2: Decoration items have a huge hitbox

– For some strange reason, many decoration items have a much large hitbox than they give off. Some larger/bulkier items (Or even smaller things like paintings), may be in the way of you placing roofs/objects.

– It's probably for the better if you finish your CAMP structure before adding accessories and decoration. If you find a wall or roof that should be place-able, perhaps it is because nearby statues, paintings, or tables are clipping into the spot.

— Scenario 3: Scenario 2 but with roofs:

– Sometimes, roof segments will prevent each other from getting wall sections like slants and corners to be placed.

– You'll just have to experiment with this. Sometimes you have to remove a higher roof, place the wall segment on the lower one, then re-add the higher roof. This is another example of structures/items having too large of a hitbox.

Nothing is Selected:

– When trying to place down a CAMP structure but you get the "Nothing is selected" error.

– Absolutely no idea why this happens but it's an easy fix. Just exit build mode and re-enter it.

Stacking Double Walls:

– For some ungodly reason we can no longer properly stack half-walls or have a full wall sit above a half-wall.

– In order to counter this, place a flat roof on top of a half-wall. Then for some reason you can then add the half/full wall onto the bottom piece, then remove the roof section no problem.

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Can't rotate floor:

– Sometimes you are unable to rotate a floor piece, there are 2 reasons why this may be happening.

  1. Probably obvious, but rotating floor pieces will cause the decorations on top of it to rotate as well, which could cause them to clip into nearby items.
  2. This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but often if you are trying to rotate a floor piece that connects other pieces to the stairs, you cannot rotate it. I believe this works as the same rule for floating floor pieces, that they have to be connected to the stairs. When rotating the floor section, the sees it as "Removing a floor and adding a new one", but that would cause the attached floor sections to be floating.

– To fix this, either remove floor pieces that would be considered "floating" if you removed the piece you want to rotate. Or use 1×2 and 1×1 floor pieces to connect the "floating" pieces to the valid floor, then remove the excess pieces once you rotate the floor.

Ghost Budget (Unconfirmed):

– I have no way of verifying this because it doesn't always happen, but I believe that the ghost budget issues from the past still happen.

– I've noticed that sometimes after building, when I have to relog (From another glitch happening) that I suddenly have more budget space, as if some ghost items were taking up budget then being deleted.

– In addition, a recently new glitch I've found that relates to this is when you are deleting stored items, but hitting on an item will not cause it to vanish, or will cause it to display the name of a different stored item.

– A simple relog usually solves these issues. However the ghost budgets have been a huge problem in the past so its possible a relog might not always work.

Jump when placing wires:

– Holy lord this is annoying.


– Like the previous glitch, I don't have an exact way to confirm how this happens and why, but I have some reasonable theories.

– It seems that whenever I attempt to place a wire only to jump, one or many of the following caused it:

  1. I had the wire out for far too long.
  2. I stretched the wire way beyond its limit in order to reach the connection point (For example, walking around by CAMP and using stairs to reach a higher position. The end wire is perfectly fine lengthwise but I stretched it too much walking around my camp.
  3. Trying to reach my wire's destination, I walked through many doors and hallways which also means the wire clipped through it as well

– Based on these observations, It seems to me that if you cause the wire to overstretch or clip through too many objects while trying to place it, the wire becomes "invalid" and the game no longer recognizes your trying to place one. (If the game doesn't see us placing a wire, the button is just the button).

– The only solution for this once you end up jumping is just to leave build mode and re-enter it. A very simple fix, however…

– While not a 100% guarantee, I've noticed that avoiding the conditions I described above (Overstretch and clipping), I almost never encounter this problem, yet the second I walk through a doorway to reach my wire's connection point I jump through the ceiling.

Placing down object only for it to immediately vanish:

– Sometimes when placing down an object, usually a floor or wall decoration, it will suddenly vanish.

– Most of the time, the object will be teleported a floor above. This usually happens when you are placing things near stairs, which have a much larger hitbox than it seems.

– However, sometimes these items become "ghosted", similar to the ghost budget glitch I mentioned before. For example, there have been times where I place a Power Conduit on a wall, only for it to vanish. It isn't teleported to the floor below or above, but instead just becomes invisible.

– I know this because when storing the wall, the 2-3 conduits that "turned invisible" were also stored, meaning they were on the wall but I was unable to see them.

– There isn't exactly a solution to this. As I said, storing the surface they were attached to may help get them back, but sometimes a certain location just simply cannot have an item there.

Roofs/Floors above stairs:

– In this latest patch, you can no longer place walls/roofs above stairs. Specifically, the 1 section where the stairs actually reach the second floor, the bottom half of the stairs can have floors/roofs above it no problem.

– There is no solution to this. First of all, this may be intentional (Although that stupid). Perhaps there could be a reason as to why they did this.

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– The more likely answer is that it's just another glitch that got introduced somehow.

– A tip I have for this is to make your second/third floor be a wall and a half wall tall, which is then high enough to not interfere with the stairs.

(NOTE: This problem also occurs with placing perimeter fences around the single staircase)

And now, some general tips, tricks, and important knowledge for CAMP building.

Spawning at CAMPS:

– Players who warp to your CAMP (Whether they are apart of your team or for vending) will ALWAYS spawn in the exact center of your camp, where you first placed your CAMP module when claiming your building spot.

– While moving the module will cause your spawn to change, other players always spawn in the exact center. Always take note of where you place your camp and be prepared to leave the center open for visiting players.

Order of Placement:

– Sometimes, while placing certain items will not work, simply doing it in a different order will work.

– For example, I've noticed that sometimes attempting to place a wall below the large staircase (Staircase with the catwalk floor section attached) while there is a wall above, it will not work. But placing a wall below, then above works fine.

– Another example is how you can place a campfire below the large, rotating cooking station, but cannot place the cooking station on top of a campfire (Although this one in particular may have changed, haven't tried it in awhile.

Sliding Objects:

– I literally discovered this like 2 weeks ago and either everyone knows or no one knows.

– Holding and using (I'm on XBOX but I assume it also works for PS4 and PC), lets you slide an object closer or farther from you, letting you reach higher places or make placing small items easier.

Electric Line Length:

– If your having trouble connecting two conduits because of their distance, the easiest thing to do is put them right next to reach other so that they connect no problem. Then, move the desired conduit as far as possible until it turns red, this lets you know exactly how far you can go until the wire is too long or sags too much.

Player Vending:

– Players can still use your vendors if they have no power. Giving them power only makes them visible to other people when they look at the map.

Turret Targetting:

– If you turrets are having trouble seeing and engaging enemies, try using the spotlight. It helps your turrets see enemies farther and better.

Windows and Crafting Stations:

– If for some weird reason you lock all your doors and try to keep people out, don't let your crafting benches be near open windows. Players can get inside your house by using a bench near a window, which teleports them inside.

Brick Wall Windows:

– Apparently players can jump through the Brick Walls- Single window (Not the shorter, double window). Figured I would put this here after I almost died after falling out of my 4 story tower.

Interactables need room:

– Nearly every instrument, crafting station, chair, terminal, and table that you can sit on/use has to have a space open in order for the player to walk up and use it. If you press the key and you just sit there for a moment doing nothing, that means you have to make room for the item.

Rotating Walls:

– Credit to u/Lt_t4z

– If you are unable to rotate walls (as in they always stay in the same orientation), try removing walls above and/or below. Usually, walls will follow the same direction as ones above and below, so removing those may make it easier to change the direction.

Thanks again for reading this, I'll try to update this as often as I can with any new information or solutions I get.

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