Gun Bashing is Not That Bad. It just requires fineness.

fallout 2 - Gun Bashing is Not That Bad. It just requires fineness.

Gun bashing in 76 isn’t completely worthless. Since Daily Ops kicked off & the Resilient and Piercing Gaze rules started. I wanted to find a way to keep being useful. As a sneak sniper and a build that doesn’t really overlap with other builds I had little options to work with. Without completely respecing my build. I saw the Basher perk and thought hey does that work in Ops. This was on day one of Daily Ops and at that time no one had reported if bashing was counted as a melee hit for the finishing move for Resilient.

For those that don’t want to read the TL;DR is gun bashing is underrated but not as reliable as just swapping weapons.

I tested and still testing to see if bayoneted bashing (or in this case stabbing) was more efficient than swapping to a melee weapon. If you are a rifleman/commando or heavy gunner. The tests were done with a Combat Rifle, The Fixer, & Handmade Rifle. However the info and tests can be applied to any gun really. As long as they have a bash based mod pool and or a bayonet mod.

*Tests were done on Xbox so other platforms will need to test their own stuff. But generally should apply to the others.

  • The game counts the bash and stab as a gun hit and not a melee hit. Likely for coding reasons. Meaning that higher damage guns will deal more damage with a hit.
  • 8 Strength seems to be a magic number to get the most base damage out of bash. Purely without any extra damage sources.
  • Bayonets are superior to plain bashing only on rifles and shotguns. Heavy guns by default will hit harder. Bayonets come in two sizes and the game favours one over the other for damage. There are small and large. As of this writing the following guns have “large” bayonets: Pipe Guns ( Bolt, Revolver, and Standard), Railway, Combat Rifle, Shotgun and The Fixer. Gatling Gun, Handmade Rifle, Minigun, Black Powder Rifle Missile Launcher. * Hunting Rifle seems to have a Large Bayonet mod but the game classes it as Small. Not sure if just a key word problem or intended as such.
  • Universal damage effects such as Bloody Mess and Adrenaline for example seem to have little in no impact. But it felt like the damage from bashing was better. I won’t take the damage numbers on screen to be wholly confirmed mainly as the bashing damage as a whole seems to be uncounted in most things. However damage effects that add to your melee damage do not work with bashing. As stated before bashing is counted as a gun hit. Interestingly chems, food, and drinks that apply a Str buff or a direct damage % buff will increase the bash hit.
  • The bash can be aimed and is able to score critical hits on weak spots of enemies. The aiming is better with a bayonet. It can also be affected by sneak attacks. But it seems like only ranged damage is applied. So Ninja doesn’t work. But more testing is still being done. This ties in with the above bullet. Crit damage buffs will apply if you do score that critical hit only.
  • Bashing doesn’t get stronger from Rifleman, Commando, or any of the governing damage type perks. Only the Basher perk and the ones mentioned above.
  • Weapons with longer barrels seem to extend the range of the bash if your stabbing. & mobs or people that walk in front of the stab or bash while you are at your apex of the animation will take damage but not if they move out of the way and another mob walks in to it. *Due to server connections this was hard to test correctly.
  • Overall most of the legendary perks will not apply to bashing. However some effects to play with the bashing damages. These are: Anti-Armor, *Executioner's (seems to work but if your target is low enough that the bash would kill it just kills.) *Furious (continued bashing for the 9 hits will make the 10th+ hits deal more. However just shooting and bashing on the 10th hit seems to as well but isn’t supposed to. So a bug I guess. *Instigating (will deal double damage but due to the damage changes its less now. But will work while sneaking. All other effects don’t not seem to apply. If they do it's minimal at best. Bashing is the only other effect that applies.
  • All mods that add bashing obviously work. So stocks. Magazine mods that give armour penetration as well. Perks that give armour penetration will apply here are well.
  • Effects that reduce your AP cost will make the default bash AP cost go down but only one effect or armour piece will apply. So no need in making a massive AP cost reduction set up.
  • The Minigun currently is the best weapon to get both ballistic damage and bashing damage at the same.

After all, testing gun bashing is okay. It's not OP or a let down. But it’s a complementary style to guns. Sure pressing a button is easier for some people to swap weapons. But some people may not want to or like to swap weapons so much. It's never going to outclass melee weapons or anything.

My bash/stab damage is always around 80-120 with a crit hit popping for 320. & rarely if I get a sneak bash for 600 factoring in a sneak crit. But that was all while using Overdrive, drinks, food and everything above.

At the end of the day. If you're a sneak, sneak sniper or commando (any build really) in a situation where sneaking is hard to maintain or even achieve (Daily Ops). & your target is only a few shots from death. Slap on a bayonet and shoot up some Overdrive or your chem of choice and go to town.

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