Has fallout 76 got any better?

fallout 4 - Has fallout 76 got any better?

Me and my girl where desperate at finding a game we could enjoy together. So a year ago we bought Fallout 76 on release.

There wasn't one aspect of the game that actually worked and we just could not deal with all the grieving time wasting and bug filled moments in the game. So after just having been ripped off with no legal premises to be able to get our money back we just stopped playing it. Now over year later I've come back check on the situation and its freaking mind blowing the stuff that's been going on and there complete lack of competence.

So here my check list on the main features of Fallout 76 if you're considering to buy it:

Build engine: Still broken, bugged and still containing items that simply do not function at all. Error messages of thing floating when not or intersecting when not, prevents you from building certain builds completely. Almost all of the switches are ether bugged, flawed or flat out useless. You can't create any kind of loop, automation or effects with it. Wiring still requires you to break and rebuild walls in order to get them through if your not lucky enough to get them through a window or door, or willing to sacrifice the few base caps you have to make unnecessary connection points. Breaking your own walls requires assistance from another player. Even though you can find a simple drill that you would assume could help you out, In the world of bethesda you can't even shoot a freaking hole through your own wall. Luckily floating bases is still possible, as that serves as the only "work around" for many of these issues but its a painstaking, time consuming and frustrating way to build something that should not have been an issue to begin with.

Blueprints: …still dont work and still breaks your build in to different sections. So dependent on your build, you will be forced to start from scratch every time you need to move it. That is, if you're not satisfied with just creating something extremely simple. More often than not, your not even going to get it place down on the ground. And creating a blueprint of your entire base is still not possible to fix the problem.

Server stability: We have experienced server crashes on a daily basis from two different locations.

Crashes: Game crashes to desktop 2-4 time a day on two separate and completely different high end computers that usually has no problems with other games. This usually happens when using short keys to eat and drink, fighting the scorched queen or running to recover you loot bag. These are particularly grieving but it can happen any time anywhere for no apparent reason.

Weapons: Weapons that have been bugged since release have still not been balanced and are still bugged. "Two shot cannon", and the "quad assaultron" serve as perfect examples. The weapons still follow a system that makes one weapon better than the other so it's really not a matter preference and choice.

Armor: As with weapons it's not really a choice as the system basically still makes some armors completely useless leaving you with a very limited amount of sensible choices. This would have made most people look exactly the same but the game fixes this by give the option of putting on normal apparel on top of your armor witch simply doesn't make any sense as cloths should go under the armor not on top of it. Your armor some how just magically disappears. So instead of it being about armor its more like playing dress up. The apparels also completely breaks away from the post apocalyptic theme in the game, as seeing people in clean clothes, as drag queens or childish carnival suits is even a part of daily challenges. Some times it resembles more a game for Hello kitty loving 8 year olds then a 17+ rated dark apocalyptic game.

Interface: still bugged with the exact same bugs on release. Transferring multiple items is impossible as the transaction window will at some point without warning just cancel itself out. When trying to compare and look at two items the list resets as soon as you hover your mouse over the other list. When trying to place items up for sale the list also then resets to the top after every item your putting up for sale. This forces you to have to scroll all the way down to where you where from the top of the list, for every freaking item you want to sell. Do that 120 times and your finally finished maxing out your sales cap.

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Effects: Water effects especially around the Mire are is still bugged, The ground is rippet all over the place as if there is a graphical glitch in the middle of the water, ground, swamp or golf course. The effect of the radiation trap is still missing as it still just looks like big squares instead of smoke, Mutation effect plague still shows half the time as a weird blue or bright green bubble, and the charded mutation still looks terrible and obscures vision while fighting. Fighting Scourge beast still leaves you with a blistering headache as they have clearly never hear of the health risk involving flashing images and people having seizure after being submitted to them. They are obviously self taught amateurs as this is pretty basic.

Missions and Events: Some missions and event are still not fixed and are as bugges as ever,.. "Breach and clear", "Finding the governor" and "Camp stories" just to mention a few, and the overseer journey still never goes away. They have even added a new one that makes you run around the entire map for some map fragments only to find an empty vault. Ment as a teaser to the upcoming patch. Can safely say that I'm not teased, but rather put off from doing any more as I had to look it up to realize that it wasn't bug.


New content: – Over a year after release I can't say that I'm seeing much of it. But apparently we got an insult bot that manages to say stuff so insensitive as to say and I quote: -"You have a face only a mother could love only they both died in the great war." Now, we still live in world where a 17 year old kid looking for some down time, could have had his parents die in some conflict or war. I mean how stupid can you get?!

As far as I could tell the only new enemy you can fight is a Sheep that just looks like a spinoff from the original Deathclaw.

You're now also supposed to be able to tame certain creatures and have them at your base but the mechanics are so bugged that your more likely to get an ear deafening, bugged creature, that just keeps attacking and in some cases even breaking your base. After spending a month running around like an idiot, the list of bugs is to complex and to comprehensive to even list.

Turrets: …have always been broken and had a hard time registering when enemies attack your camp. Well now they have in addition, even started shooting each other and your base structures. They still have no hp and lack targeting range to be able to defend you camp. Completely useless, and a waste of an already severely limited basecap.

Storage space and base cap: …is slightly better but still nowhere near where it needs to be. So if you're looking for a proper base building game this isn't it… At launch we couldn't have unlimited storage space due to server stability issues, but clearly that all changes as soon as you start throwing money at them as Fallout 1th with no hesitations gives you this option. My recommendation is to not get ripped of by this as this should have been a standard feature for everybody from the get go. Would rather recommend people that are hooked on this broken game to instead just bye a sheep account from someone that is never going to play it again, as it will give you 8 times the space for only a few bucks. It will also give you the basic option of being able to transfer item between your character since Bethesda has no intention of provided us with that ether. Make sure you google how to run two instances as it will demand a lot from your computer if you don't do it right. As with all other games it's perfectly legal and not an exploit and with this game it's an absolute necessity.

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Customer service and support: A quick search on youtube and few experiences of my own show that they still suck and some of the shitt they have been doing is beyond belief.

Community: People in the community are for the most part ok, but the official community web site is still run like a communist Chinese government. Your not allowed to talk about their actions, their team, or bethesda in any critical form without getting banned. And they do ban you thinking that they are actually creating a unicorn infested rainbow sky community for all to see. It's PR not community. It's not a forum where there is any point of raising any kind of topic as the dev's aren't even reading it and support usually comes from other players that are powerless to actually do anything about the buttload of problems in this game. Seemingly it's just the people still loyal to this broke game in there, but of course it would seem that way if no one is allowed to say what they truly mean.

PVP: I don't play this game for the PVP as there are much better games out there to do that, but the games still forced you to have to take over workshops in order to complete certain daily challenges. That will get you mix up in it even if you don't want to. So on more than one occasion a person is going to come strolling along with the sole purpose of killing you and does that with only one shoot, he is then going to stand over your dead body and literally puke all over it. Thats Bethesda humor for you. It's also incredibly clear that there are still people running around with gear and armor that isn't acquired through standard methods so unless you wanna risk it all, there is no fair fight as there will alway be someone in the game that doesn't care if their account gets banned at some point.

Misc: Now there is an incredible amount of bugs or problems not mentioned but it's impossible to list all of them. I have tried to list the main features and show that none of them are fixed an entire year after release. I bought this game last year as I wanted to play this then, by the time they get it fixed, assuming that they will, this is going to be old news but not forgotten.

They haven't fixed one important aspect of this game but rather just broken it a little bit more. Being a big fan of the concept it really breaks my heart to see how they could make such a mockery of this game. They don't behave like professional game developers. It could also not become more apparent that they lack competence in the field of user interface design, graphical design, visual effects, animation, and build mechanics not to mention customer support and normal respect for people's money and time. There is something fundamentally wrong with this company.

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