Hat plans are missing their category, that’s why you can’t craft them.

fallout 7 - Hat plans are missing their category, that's why you can't craft them.

This is in regards to cosmetic hats. Specifically the ones found in game, not the Atom Shop ones.

(Atom shop head wear pieces are correctly categorized under "HEADWEAR"

But for some reason the in game ones aren't.

The confederate uniform which is one I can craft says this in its file.

"workbench_crafting_Armor" Showing me that it's supposed to be crafted at the workbench

But most importantly the thing to focus on it says this:

RecipeFilter_Armor_Outfits "OUTFITS"

Image for reference: https://i.imgur.com/DDVPRoZ.png

Which shows I can craft that in the workbench under that category. Which I can.

There's also NO perk requirements in its file.

Now for the union hat.

The union hat also says."workbench_crafting_Armor" Which is great.

But the problem I'm seeing is that it doesn't have a category associated with it like the uniforms.

Image for reference: https://i.imgur.com/Amq5Eny.png


Which leads me to believe that somewhere down in development, a category wasn't assigned to the hat related costumes, so we're unable to craft them.

Edit: Did more snooping the helmets you can craft in the workbench have a category called "HELMETS"

Image as reference: https://i.imgur.com/gZWti1V.png

Where cosmetic hats have no category at all.

Did some more snooping and found that the ATX (atom shop) headwear pieces are correctly categorized under "HEADWEAR"

Image as a reference: https://i.imgur.com/aWgW3KM.png

It just means they forgot / left out the in game head wear plans.

-Basically these in game plans won't be able to be crafted until they get the category:

'Recipe_Filter_Armor_Headwear "HEADWEAR" '

Got a response:
Thank you Daniel o/

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