Have to make a positive post of all the fun I’m still having at level 103

fallout 5 - Have to make a positive post of all the fun I'm still having at level 103

With all the negative posts about a lack of content and the repetitive grinding, I just had to make a post about all the fun I'm still having after reaching level 103.

I still think there are lots to do.

1. Try different builds by continuing to unlock perk cards.

I just unlocked MASTER SLUGGER rank 3 last night, and am loving using melee. There's also 9 ranks you can spend on each weapon type. PISTOL, MACHINE PISTOL, COMMANDO, RIFLEMAN, HEAVY GUNNER, GRENADIER, etc.

Also, just unlocked GREEN THUMB while farming flux and can't believe I held off for so long. It's an absolute must if you want to build the decontamination shower, and upgrade your underarmor and power armor.

And I'm thinking of unlocking HARD BARGAIN now that vendors have permanent plans that costs thousands of caps.

2. Purchase plans for your power armor and whatever C.A.M.P. plans you want to try.

I'm so close to buying calibrated shocks for my T-60, and it would be amazing if I came across calibrated shocks for my excavator armor. People say the vendor at Welch has it, but it wasn't there when I checked.

And I've rebuilt my camp a second time. Still looks like crap, but I was surprised at how much fun it was. When I first started playing, I just built crafting stations and didn't even bother to make a building or structure of any kind. It was just a place to fast travel to so that I could repair, junk, or store items. No point in spending much time on your C.A.M.P. when you're only level 30 and have only explored half the map.

My first C.A.M.P. was one of those that floated in the air; I knew I had to rebuild it when I had enough flux to build a decontamination shower, but couldn't place it within the structure and it got destroyed when I placed it outside. Repair costs for a decontamination shower is too high for me to shrug it off.

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And I look forward to purchasing different build plans. Wood construction looks so depressing and shabby, but appropriate a post-apocalyptic world. Nonetheless, like everyone, I want my home to look nice. Brick looks especially nice. Like a normal home. The metal building set looks nice also.


3. I'm glad I held off on launching nukes until I finished the main mission. It's fun to try nuking different locations.

My first two nukes landed in White Springs. It's kind of rare for White Springs to get nuked anymore (I'm on PC), and whenever I nuked it all these people came to kill mobs and collect flux. Makes me kind of wonder why people still don't continue to do it; it seems clear that most people still want to farm White Springs.

I'm looking forward to nuking Morgantown, places in the Mire, and a bunch of other locations. I imagine some places will be disappointing, but I see that as part of the fun.

4. Secrets, other unlocks, and good areas to farm.

I just farmed for lead in Lucky Hole Mines and I was shocked to find 600-700 lead in my inventory. I used to excavator power armor while getting the ore (x4) and then had level 2 SUPER DUPER. I didn't even have level 3 SUPER DUPER and I got that much.

Now I'm short on gunpowder which is kind of a bummer, but they're plentiful when looting mobs.

And I should get around to getting the Nuka-Cola skin for my power armor.

I'm sure there are other things you can do and even though it's finite, there's still plenty to do at a higher level.

Will I get tired of the game after reaching level 150? Most certainly. Eventually the repetitive grinding does wear on you, and you get tired of nuking various places, collecting flux and getting XP, and then restocking on stimpacks, radaway, ammo, food, water, and repairing your armor and weapons. And then to do the same thing all over again.

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However, it's still pretty fun for at least the first 10 times.

I definitely got my money's worth from this game and look forward to whatever new content Bethesda will release.

TLDR: There are still lots to do after level 100 if you paced yourself and you enjoyed previous Fallout games!

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