Hawthorne is wasted potential and here’s why

fallout 8 - Hawthorne is wasted potential and here's why

I just started a new game, and realised the wasted potential of this nothing character.

When you meet him at the Dugout Inn, he asks you what your profession is. Regardless of what you tell him, he says "I'm an adventurer, and I like to tell stories about my adventures" or something equally useless, then he just marks stuff on your map.

He could have been interesting an important character in a subplot, depending on your answers. He could have been a quest giver. And here's how.

Say you're a merc. He gives you some menial jobs, smuggle this thing, kill that raider boss, etc. You get some number between 10-15 of these missions (maybe in one of them you find a missing/kidnapped kid while clearing out a raider den, and you have to escorts them back home) and after a specific number of missions, your next target is Harald who, unbeknownst to you, is a member of a cabal of raider bosses who are organising a mass raid on both Diamond City and Goodneighbor, simultaneously. Because you've taken out one of their own, the raider bosses get spooked and bump up the date to a week earlier than planned. You then have, say, 2 weeks to prevent this from happening. Here are some options with how to solve this:

  1. You try to convince both Hancock and McDonagh of the threat. This could prove challenging depending on your character's individual relationships as well as charisma. (I imagine McDonagh would be harder to convince. We can all hear him calling it fake news.)

1a. Failing that, you have to go around both towns and convince the people. People with clout, so shopkeepers and bartenders, mostly.

  1. Ignore it and see what happens

  2. Do some detective work to find the other members of the cabal and eliminate them before they can put the plan in motion.

Maybe you tell him you're a caravan worker, so he gives you caravan work.

One mission could involve you protecting a caravan transporting a boiling Mirelurk (such as in Far Harbor), but along the way, not only are you beset by some measly raiders, but also at another point, a livid Mirelurk Queen, who smells one of her own dying.

After a few missions with the caravan workers you work up a relationship with a few, learn that some have lost their siblings to raider gangs, and they hope they never have to come face to face with them for fear of having to kill them.

Being a caravan worker would be an excuse to explore the Commonwealth, for instance you don't know where you're going, you're just given the marker to protect the caravan, and you end up wherever you end up.

You could be put in numerous situations where you have to solve territory disputes between different caravan companies, or between individuals such as Cricket and Lucas, or a stand off between Super Mutants and non ferals.

I'll admit I can't come up with a plot for the caravan worker profession like I can for the merc, but maybe that's the point too, you choose one for plot, one to explore and get more of a taste of slice of life of the Commonwealth.

There's so much potential from one character, who in the product we got, is barely memorable.

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