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fallout 8 - Helping New Players

I just want to say how happy I am to constantly see people help low level players that are taking their first steps out of the vault. People stop what they're doing to help that level 30 that accidentally made their way into Whitespring before they were ready. Even in nuke zones there seems to be an unspoken rule to protect that sub level 50 running around in there. We all know that this game gets shit on all over the internet and we must take it upon ourselves to make the game more welcoming to people that are actually willing to try it despite some id*ot youtubers.

While I'm playing, I make sure to pick up every food item, rad-x, radaway, and stimpack that I can. I also empty my water purifiers as often as I can. It's a burden on my carry weight but it's worth it. At the end of my gaming session, I go find the lowest level person on the map and I help them with those essentials.


Keep it up, community. All of these little things matter to building this player base. Bethesda is going to put more time into this game if there are more people playing it. Keep dropping those bad legendary pieces because those will be the best pieces of armor and weapons that they have when they turn the right level. Keep dropping those stimpacks and radaways because when they're finally brave enough to go into a nuke zone, those items will be invaluable. Keep helping the new players complete that mission. Keep saving people from scorchbeasts. Keep doing all of these things and let's keep changing people's minds about this game!

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