Here are my humble suggestions for how to improve the BOS when you release Fractured Steel

fallout 4 - Here are my humble suggestions for how to improve the BOS when you release Fractured Steel
  • Gearing: base the gear model on what you did for Wastelanders instead of the demoralizing lottery we have now.
    • Have Shin Valdez (not Regs..) sell all the plans currently in the Daily Ops loot list for gold
    • Allow us to craft legendary BOS weapons and armor with legendary modules
  • Reputation: love it or hate it, rep provides a means of progression
    • Hostile (-2000), Cautious (-1000), Neutral (0), Initiate (1000), Knight (3000), Senior Knight (6000), Knight Sergeant (10000)
    • Before you start Steel Dawn the BOS are Cautious toward you, but by the end of the Steel Dawn questline you are an Initiate.
    • As you gain ranks you unlock plans for purchase with gold from Shin Valdez (again not Regs), new items/clothing from Shin, and unlock more and more daily quests per day
  • Daily Quests: mimic what Crater and Foundation currently do
    • Like Ward, Wren, and Rocksy, there are plenty of NPCs in Fort Atlas to dole out daily quests that could award items and rep like they do for Foundation and Crater.
    • You could honestly just lift the BOS radiant quests straight outta FO4 for this: purge quests, tech recovery, scribe escort, food/resource requisition, and tag-along training quests.
    • Recon Quests: Shin or Rahamani could send us to go take pictures of assets or people like the Photo Opportunity quest
  • Repeatable Quests: something to actually grind
    • Bring back Forbidden Knowledge and let us turn Technical Data in to Valdez for plans, items, and rep
    • Let us turn in the BOS Report holotapes that we can find across Appalachia or add BOS Dog Tags to BOS corpses throughout Appalachia and let us collect and turn those in for rep
    • Add random encounters of BOS patrols fighting off enemies and if we help them let them grant rep (like helping Raiders or Settlers does)
  • Daily Ops Tweak: make them more than a lottery
    • Make the Initiate challenge repeatable instead of once/day and add BOS rep to the rewards
    • Change Elder to a 100% chance to drop at least 1 rare item and make Paladin and Elder each award more and more rep.
    • It would also be nice if they had more mutations and locations to break up the monotony.
  • Brotherhood Events: Add new BOS Events outside the Cranberry Bog.
    • Make these and the current ones (Line in the Sand, Distant Thunder, Surface to Air, Heart of the Enemy) award rep.

I know everyone won't love all of these ideas, but I honestly feel like just about anything is better than the hot mess we have live now.


EDIT: Wow thanks for all the awards and positive feedback! As suggestied, I've posted this on Bethesda's FO76 forum as well.
some humble suggestions for how to improve things when you release the brotherhood s next chapter?language%255B%255D=en&language%5B%5D=en - Here are my humble suggestions for how to improve the BOS when you release Fractured Steel


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