Here are some balance ideas

fallout 7 - Here are some balance ideas

Based on my experience in the game so far, and the things being tried in the PTS, I wanted to share some ideas for balancing the game further (especially combat).

Make stealth not so easy and more rewarding

I can walk in front of enemies and remain in "Hidden" status with my Unyielding boosted Agility, without running shadowed or Sneak perk. This makes no sense. Stealth should be difficult to maintain and remain very damaging.

Make sniping more rewarding

Rifleman build should have way more damage per shot than commando builds. The current difference is negligible which makes commando have extremely more DPS, at the expense of some extra ammo.

  • Boost Rifleman range and damage and
  • Possibly Nerf Commando range and damage to balance.

Make/Keep close range builds high damage

Damage/danger ratio should be high. If you are risking melee range or shotgun range, you should be making lots of damage.

Make Heavy Explosive builds scary

Missile Launchers and Fatmans (Fatmen?) should be buffed a lot more. There is no universe where I should not be scared shitless when confronted with the business end of a mini nuke or missile.

Make Power Armor a moving tank

Power Armor should be a force to be reckoned with. I cannot describe my dissapointment when my 2STR rifleman build becomes overencumbered when entering what is effectively a fully armored exoskeleton.

  • Boost carrying capacity by a lot and even allow for container mods, similar to pocketed/deep pocketed.
  • Boost melee damage and strength in general.
  • Complete immunity to environmental diseases and probably radiation too. Radiation immunity could be provided with an additional mod if not by default.
  • Power Armor users should effectively not be able to sneak attack, apart from logical distances and stealth boy mod.

Make death more costly


There are 2 reasons that bloodied builds are OP. First is the synergy with perks, mutations and armor, but second is the insignificant cost of dying. Apart from an annoyance an a small chance of loosing some junk, there is no serious downside to be that close to death.One idea is to make respawns cost caps (eg. 1k)/bullion(e.g 1)/something. If you cannot afford it, then you can only respawn at your camp, tent or 76.

Make other builds more viable

  • Medic effect could rely on damage rather than VATS crits, like a shared Vampire effect which only works on others for not crits and only works on you on crits.
  • Nocturnal effect could lose it's daytime penalty get and increasingly greater rewards for damage/armor during the night, plus boost stealth.
  • Assasins' effect should either apply to all humans (NPCs and players) or removed altogether.
  • Mutant's effect should stack the more mutations you have and be boosted by Strange in Numbers too.

Stop making bullet sponge bosses.

The SBQ and Colossus are ridiculously spongy. It is not challenging to do the same thing for 10 more minutes and 2000 more bullets. Make bosses adhere to game mechanics (e.g crippling limbs) and create the challenge out of tactics rather than brute force only. Add mutations or mutation immunities to them. Add tactical ways to promote orchestrated teamwork, similar to the Encryptid event, by making bosses vulnerable upon crippling a limb or dismembering an appendage. I would love to be able to destroy the Collossus screaming head to stop it from freaking everyone out for example.

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