Here’s a few unconventional ways to help low levels

fallout 8 - Here's a few unconventional ways to help low levels

Giving stims and ammo and common camp plans are great to help low levels, but here are a few other ways you might not have thought of to help them.

  1. Brotherhood Recon Rifle – schematic found at Fort Defiant by accessing the monitor outside the front doors (not the terminal we use to start the Line in the Sand event) You will need to have completed the quest to become a military general before you can access the terminal. The Brotherhood Recon rifle can be crafted at level 1, and comes prebuilt with all the great mods including, of course, a recon scope, making this a perfect choice for low levels.
  2. Artillery Plan – also found at Fort Defiant, on the 4th floor, behind the BOS red grid door which has Paladin Taggerdy's terminal. Usually a low level would have to go through alot to get to the point they can access this plan, and it is alot of fun.
  3. XP Boosting Foods/Mags/Bobbles-


  • Canned Meat Stew:

Acquired through the completion of the event “Feed the People” which happens at Mama’s Dolce’s Food Processing, outside Morgantown- Bonus to this consumable is that is DOES NOT expire, +5% XP Bonus for 1 Hour.


  • Cranberry Cobbler:

Easiest craftable XP boost in the game, only requires Cranberries (Good ones, not the diseased ones) and Boiled Water.- +5% XP Bonus for 30 Minutes


  • Cranberry Relish:

The most complicated to craft, but most beneficial XP boost in the game (that’s craftable).


  • Boiled Water (2)
  • Gourd (2)
  • Cranberries (2)
  • Sugar (2)
  • Wood (1)
  • +10% XP Bonus for 1 Hour


  • Broiled Scorchbeast Brain

Gives a significant boost to health as well as +1 Int

  • Requires:
    • Scorchbeast Brain (1)
    • Wood (1)


  • Bran Bombs

A little more hefty to craft BUT gives a solid +3 Intelligence

  • Requires:
    • Brain Fungus (3)
    • Mothman Eggs (2)
    • Purified Water (2)
    • Sugar Bombs (3)
    • Wood (1)


  • Brain Fungus Soup

Very easy to craft and gives +2 Int

  • Requires:
    • Boiled Water (1)
    • Brain Fungus (1)
    • Wood (1)


The Bobble Heads:

  • Leader – +5% More Experience for 1 Hour (2 Hours with Curator)
  • Intelligence – +2 Intelligence for 1 Hour (2 Hours with Curator)

The Magazine:

  • Live & Love #8 – +5% more XP when in a team

And finally, if you are feeling very generous and have extra space in your inventory, consider picking up every crap outfit you find, amass a bunch and then give them to noobs from the vault. I remember how happy I was to get a clown outfit 3 years ago 🙂


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