Here’s the problem with the new features in the PTS

fallout 6 - Here’s the problem with the new features in the PTS


For starters, thanks Bethesda for trying to level the playing field. I’m a bloodied unarmed melee myself, that really enjoys one-shotting, but I understand why that might need to change.

First. Legendary perks. The current system is based entirely off of scrapping perk cards, and the grind to max out legendary perks is going to incentivize players to scrap literally every card except for what they use in their build, and things like Super Duper, Gunsmith, etc. This is going to hurt players that may want to respec down the road, or players that like to have backup perks (like I have backup shotgun cards that I play with occasionally).

You’re inadvertently pushing players to only choose one build, and to never look back. Once someone finishes their build, they'll never take any new perk cards, and instead just scrap them all for coins.

Second. One Wasteland. The nerf is rough. You’ve nerfed not just Bloodied and Junkie’s, but every build in the game. Granted, those 2 got the biggest hit, but you also made every enemy a walking bullet sponge.

Here’s the issue. Let’s say I play the One Wasteland patch, and decide I want to switch my build because the damage output completely changed. Well, I could do that. But you also just added the perk scrapping system. If I move a SPECIAL point, I can't pick a perk to scrap for coins. And if I pick the perk to scrap, I'm stuck with the build I now dislike due to the nerf/bullet-sponge change. I hurt myself either way.

Third. Daily ops. These are fun, I really like them, but they can really ruin the fun for some builds. The anti-sneak mutation is horrible. If you want to keep it, fine, but don’t make it for every single daily op. Randomize it with the rest of the mutations. By making it a guaranteed mutation, you’ve just told all sneak builds that this isn’t for them.

Its not fair to them to completely remove their build from the playing field. And the enemies are all bullet sponges due to the One Wasteland nerf, and if you want to fix that, you have to sacrifice access to perk coins, which takes longer to rank up Legendary Perks. It's a giant cycle of new grind.


All these changes are really good, separately. But stacking them all on top of each other, in one single patch, is basically making this a whole new game.

My ideas for solutions: get rid of perk coins entirely. I see what you’re trying to do, removing duplicate cards to clean up our SPECIAL menu, but why is scrapping perk cards the way to legendary perks? Just give us a new upgrade “coin” (if you really want it to be a coin) every 50 levels, or however many.

That would make it fair for people that need to respec, or already did and wasted so many level ups, which could’ve been spent on perk coins if you apply your scrapping system. That would retroactively apply legendary perks and rank ups for everyone, and make it fair to everyone, no matter if they respecced their build or not.

Second solution: daily ops needs a rework for enemy mutations. The mutations are super fun, and a great idea, but the anti-sneak one should be randomized, not guaranteed. I also think that the same mutations shouldn’t be for the entire daily op. If you join in and get the guaranteed anti-sneak mutation and the melee-required enemy mutation, and you’re a stealth rifleman, you can basically pack up and leave the daily op. Your build is worthless in that situation.

Its not fair that these mutations completely neuter your build. Randomize it, have some enemies that are anti-sneak, some that are melee-required, some that freeze you when you’re close, etc. instead of an overall mutation for the entire group of enemies.

Third solution: stop the gamewide nerf. This one is the most controversial, since a ton of people want to see a bloodied nerf. I completely understand that one. But switching multiplicative damage to additive also hurts a bunch of other builds, which need some major buffs. By nerfing everyone, AND implementing One Wasteland, you’re making a ton of enemies way too tough to take down in my opinion. Especially bosses.

TLDR: these can all good features to the game, but they need a bunch of balancing and polish. Please listen to the community on this one, and don't neuter builds and force people into a single play style.

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