Here’s why Bethesda are doing the B.E.T.A. in small 2-4hr segments!

fallout 7 - Here’s why Bethesda are doing the B.E.T.A. in small 2-4hr segments!

Hey everyone!

So I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the B.E.T.A. and how it’s not very fair to have only ~6-8 hours extra for XBox players – especially considering it was a huge marketing point for Fallout 76 and Microsoft.

However, I think there’s been some confusion as to the actual intention of the beta. I’m an iOS Developer with Apple, and they often have multiple betas for multiple prerelease versions of the OS before Apple ever release them to the general public. The way it works is that normally, Apple releases a new beta once every one or two weeks, I get them, and then I try and break the OS. When I find any bugs, issues, glitches, or anything at all that is incorrect or broken- my job is to send it to Apple. It then repeats – week after week after week (It’s actually a lot of fun)! So when I get the next Beta for the software I tested the week prior, I get a list of bugs that I reported that should be fixed in this version. I test to see if those bugs are still prevalent, and if they are, I report it again. If not, great!


But Bethesda are using the same method for Fallout 76. This isn’t a case of people who pre-ordered get to play the full release of the game like it would be on November 14th. This is for the Developers to identify and fix any bugs, glitch, errors, and more with either the servers and/or the game.

So, that’s why Bethesda are doing it in small segments. For Saturday’s beta run, they’re going to have (nearly) all of the bugs that were reported for Tuesday’s beta fixed, and then on Sunday’s Beta run, they’re going to have all of Saturday’s reported bugs fixed. It’s a way of filtering out all the issues that may have been missed by the QA team, and it works super well.

I saw many people expecting it to be a 4-8 hour beta run every one or two days, but if that was the case, Bethesda wouldn’t be able to resolve any issues that some users may have had in previous beta runs!

I hope this post clears some things up, and I hope that Saturday’s beta is just as good as Tuesday’s one!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and see you all in the wasteland!! 🙂


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