Here’s why I love Fallout 76 and why I don’t think 1st is a big deal.

fallout 4 - Here's why I love Fallout 76 and why I don't think 1st is a big deal.

OK, I'm going to be uncool for a few minutes and I'm expecting the down votes but please do hear me out.

Firstly, I will not be paying for Fallout 1st but I'll explain in a minute why I don't think it's as big an issue as people are making out.

So, I've had Fallout 76 since Beta. I'm only able to play a couple of times a week due to having my own business and a young family and between this and other games drawing my attention I'm only on lvl 45. But I've been back on 76 for the past month almost exclusively from other games.

In that time, I've had maybe 3 unpleasant interactions with other players, compared to other online games this is ridiculously few. The community makes this game what it is. I usually hate MMORPG games and don't play online mutlipayer much but I love Fallout so decided to put my concerns to one side for 76 and it's paid off. I play solo, I don't have friends who play so I'm entirely by myself and that's fine because I enjoy the feeling of suddenly stumbling across another player linking up to take down some Supermutants/Scorched/Whatever and then going our seperate ways.

Also, in that time, I've come across relatively few bugs. I get that I'm in the minority here but I've really only experienced a handful of issues on that front and only been booted from Servers half a dozen times (this is on xbox one).

I completely understand that some may feel the game is limited once you reach a certain level but so far I've put about 100 hours into it and barely scratched the surface. This may be because I enjoy just dicking about but looking at it as value for money, apart from other RPGs I think you'd struggle. I bought the Power Armour Edition (don't get me started on the Nylon bag issue as I do agree that Bethesda dropped the ball there) but even then if I look at it for entertainment value, it's cost me the same as a couple of nights out at the pub for over 100 hours (and counting). All whilst Bethesda have continued to release free content updates.

Now, onto Fallout 1st. If we look at this from a few angles.

Firstly, if you don't want it, don't buy it. That's really the main point.


Secondly, as a regular 76 player, none of perks of First really attract me. Sure, the stash limit would be helpful but one of the challenges I enjoy is trying to work out what I can afford to scrap and what I can't (just as if I was in the real wasteland – you know, almost as if I was role playing….). The armour would be cool as a massive New Vegas fan but its just aesthetics and I guarantee in a few months it'll be in the atom store. The camp would be handy but not exactly a deal breaker and the private server defeats the entire point of Fallout 76 in my opinion.

I've seen a few people comment that Todd Howard said it'd never be pay to win. I watched the live E3 broadcast last year and he did indeed say that and, at present, I believe he's stuck to his word. Sure, First makes the game easier, but not that much that you feel you need to spend the money to actually finish the game. Sure, in a few months this might change but at present I believe Bethesda are holding to it.

Finally, I believe First will actually help elongate the life of 76. With no ongoing subscriptions and their only income for the game being through the atom store (as the game is only £10-15 now), from a commercial point of view Bethesda surely can't keep giving new content for free if they haven't got money coming in to make it. Fallout 76 can only be viable for them if its self sufficient. If we continue to expect ongoing support and content updates we've got to expect option subscriptions and pay items.

Yes, Bethesda bodged the start of the game and I believe they were in such a rush at the start to release it as a surprise, the game wasn't properly finished. There is a thousand and one things then went wrong but I feel they've slowly made improvements and provided an enjoyable and entertaining experience. I completely get why First has angered so many people and from a PR POV it was not great seeing how patient some of the community has been with 76 but I don't think it's the end of the world. As I said before though, I won't be purchasing it as I don't see any benefit in it for me.

I know many of you will disagree which is cool but please keep it civil and at least try to see my opinion on the matter.

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