Here’s Yet Another Guide to the Project Paradise Event

fallout 3 - Here's Yet Another Guide to the Project Paradise Event

Yeah, I know

, but I feel like there's one or two things he may have missed in it so I'm gonna go through a quick rundown of everything to cover as much as is known as well as for those who don't like to watch videos.


For starting the event, just follow the marker to the terminal and activate, as standard. However, if you're first to this event, it's best to wait until around the 20 minute mark to give people time to see the event and join.

On top of that, look around the map for high level players and invite them to a team. If they join, great, use the follow emote to get them to come in. If not, then they'll at least have some sort of notification and reason to look at the map for the event.

Feeding Time

Once activated, its time to start the feed. Each habitat has its own object you need to put into the feeder, as well as its own theme. Each level of feeding goes up in increments of 20 for a better animal to defend, I'll go through them for each habitat.

Habitat A – Forest

Kill the sickly Radstags and put the fragrant venison into the troughs. They don't spawn very often when solo so this is a difficult one to do solo.

  • Level 0 – 00-19 Venison – Bloatfly(?)
  • Level 1 – 20-39 Venison – Glowing Wolf
  • Level 2 – 40-59 Venison – Glowing Yao Guai
  • Level 3 – 60-XX Venison – Glowing Deathclaw

Habitat B – Toxic Valley

Collect toxic sludge from around the barrels when glowing, as well as from the corpses of Mole Rats. I've found that, with the combination of both of these options, this is the most viable to get to max while solo.

  • Level 0 – 00-19 Sludge – Bloodbug(?)
  • Level 1 – 20-39 Sludge – Charred Feral Ghoulie
  • Level 2 – 40-59 Sludge – Glowing SnallyGaster
  • Level 3 – 60-XX Sludge – Mega Sloth

Habitat C – Mire

Collect the rad kelp. This one is incredibly difficult to do no matter how many people, as the rad kelp only has a specific number of spawns and is very limited, not sure if anyone's got to the max tier yet.

  • Level 0 – 00-19 Kelp – Tick(?)
  • Level 1 – 20-39 Kelp – Glowing Mirelurk
  • Level 2 – 40-59 Kelp – Glowing Mirelurk Hunter
  • Level 3 – 60-XX Kelp – Probably a Glowing Mirelurk King


There's the optional objective to make Quercy the leader of the experiment. This is done by heading into the lower maintenance room using the code 970930. This MUST be done during the feeding phase. This does a couple things:

  1. Robots should stop spawning/be less hostile
  2. The "friendly" animals now defend themselves instead of standing around
  3. They get healed after every round

Generally, its a bad idea to activate this UNLESS you know what you're doing and have a large group. Them fighting back and gaining health after each round seems great until you get to the alpha and they get instantly trounced and you lose. Therefore, it's only a good idea if you have a team large enough to get each of the 3 feeding troughs filled to max.

Defending Time

For the love of God DEFEND the animals. Each habitat has an explosive turret, repair this to help you defend as well as distract some enemies. Each habitat has enemies based on the region. There are 3 defence waves with the last being the alpha, as well as some other enemies if there's a lot of players.

The Alpha

The alpha spawn seems to be decided by random chance based on which habitats still have their animal alive. The alpha spawns are:

  • Habitat A – Alpha Sheepsquatch
  • Habitat B – Alpha Grafton Monster
  • Habitat C – Alpha Fog Crawler

Kill the alpha with at least one animal alive and you're done. Turrets can be especially helpful in this stage when solo as they can generally act as a distraction for the alpha, letting you keep both you and your animal safe.


Standard rewards include:

  • Purified Water
  • Stimpacks
  • Other Aid
  • Various plants Including Strangler Bloom

The special rewards are random chanced based on the remaining animals, each one adding +33% chance, with a guarantee if all 3 are alive:

  • Bear Arm
  • Bear Arm Plan
  • Arktos Lab Coat
  • Arktos Backpack Plan (cosmetic)
  • Formula P Plan (+5 Luck & charisma and weapon accuracy I think)
  • Stimpack Diffuser Plan (go get that Tadpole Badge!)


Put the stuff in the troughs, activate Quercy if you have a big group, Use feed in habitat B if solo, DEFEND THE ANIMALS, and you should have a chance of getting something.


  1. Added stimpack diffuser, more info on turrets
  2. Level 1 Habitat B animal is Charred Ghoulie
  3. Changed Sludge to Kelp for Habitat C

Please comment if you see any issues and whatnot, and I hope the guide is helpful.

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